Aphrodite'S Curse: 21 Tales Of Love And Terror

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  • Title: Aphrodite’s Curse: 21 Tales of Love and Terror
  • Author: Charles E.J. Moulton
  • Genre: Fiction/ Short Story Collection
  • Publication Date: September 21, 2015
  • Length: 305 pages
  • Publisher: Meizius Publishing
  • Illustrator: Willem Johannes Martens

Aphrodite’s Curse – Synopsis

Aphrodite'S Curse: 21 Tales Of Love And Terror

Aphrodite’s Curse By Charles E.J. Moulton 21 tales of Love and Terror The characters are plagued and inspired by memories. In Leaf in the Wind, the painful death of Jennifer’s late boyfriend sends her back to the Spanish dance-club they used to visit, but drives her out in tears. Robert, the homeless artist, roams the New York streets speaking only of the lost love of his life, wearing a necklace of The Praying Lark, one that used to belong to her. William Shakespeare’s ghost returns to Hampton Court in order to wish the Hamlet of 1637 good luck. That sends the Bard’s nephew William Hart down memory lane in A Will to Play. A doomed convict’s meeting with a dangerous witch sends him straight into hell, expectantly terrified of the hangman and his Madame Gabalus.

Aphrodite’s Curse – Excerpt

Leaf in the Wind The rich taste melted into a variety of ingredients, unfolding upon my tongue. A rich rug of fertile and liquid Rioja rolled around my mouth, bittersweetly seducing me. I could see the hills and plains of Spain rise and fall in my mind. As the magnificence trickled down my throat, I recalled plucking the grapes directly off the branches. The rugged flavor of the oak barrels, the scent of Spanish devotion, the soul of a thousand people’s energies at the vinyard swimming inside my glass: Rioja brought me back – and I remembered Pedro. The Flamenco performance on the small stage at the end of the dancefloor was the artistic version of my fullbodied wine. What I witnessed up there embodied sensual perfection. The long black hair of the guitarist hung in long strains across his face. His head shook while his nostrils flared, the pentatonic scales giving me the feeling of standing somewhere in the Alhambra listening to the echoes of lost time, moric occupation, augmented chords followed by half-tones and minor keys filled to the brim with excitement. He dressed for the occasion. His one red ribbon around his waist symbolized blood, tightly fit and consisting of a shiny silk-like fabric. Despite the many movements he made, the fabric didn’t waver an inch. In fact, the ribbon only seemed to embrace his hips tighter as he swirled. The woman throwing her red dress back and forth was his muse, his elexir, his wife. That’s what the poster said, anyway. When the man bounced, his fingers racing up and down the guitar strings quicker and faster by the second, the woman threw her head about, her eyebrows pressing down toward her eyes, her nostrils flaring, her teeth gritting, her heels clicking like castagnettes upon the stage floor. Their voices erupted into a creative caleidoscope of passion, soaring above and beyond the audience and igniting a flame of desire inside every soul. They wailed in unison, their Spanish lyrics about hot love arousing us. Jealousy, dusty roads, heated conversation, sauces as spicy as the sex and exquisite salsa dancing: Paco and Rosita embodied Flamenco. While the woman wailed what I expected were high B naturals, the guitarist undoubtedly played his song in the key of E, joining in by moaning his frustrated pentatonic growls. We, the members of the audience, witnessed eruptive musical sex in action. The orgasm was preprogrammed, prepared by a bouncing proverbial ball between the two of them: his yells, her shouts, his stomps, her clicks, his drumming on the guitar, her castagnettes. Finally, the couple came in unison, singing together, their faces red, their palms sweaty, just like while having sex. A thunderous sigh later, we all felt like smoking a cigarette. And yet, a part of me cried, the memory of that Rioja vinyard almost too painful.

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About the Author

Charles E.j. Moulton

Charles E.J. Moulton is the Editor-in-Chief of “The Creativity Webzine.” Over one hundred of his literary pieces have been published in international magazines. On top of that, he has posted almost 200 pieces in open websites and is currently working on a novel. He is a regular contributor for The Screech Owl, has written for Asylum Ink, Cheap Jack Pulp, Contemporary Literary Review India, SNM, TWJ, Paradigm Shift, Shadows Express, Aphelion, Skirmish, Idea Gems, Shadows Express, Redhead, The Woven Tale Press, Socrates, Blood Moon Rising and Indiana Voice Journal and the Swedish magazine Barometern. Among the genres he has covered are academic research papers, opinions, reviews, literary fiction, spirituality, mystery, crime, fantasy, romance, erotica, sci-fi, horror and drama. On top of that, Charles has been a stage performer since age eleven. His trilingual, artistic upbringing, as the son of operasinger Gun Kronzell and actor Herbert Eyre Moulton, lead to 111 stage productions to date, countless cross-over concerts, work as a drama- and a vocal-coach, as the big band vocalist of The J.R. Swing Connection and concert work with The Charming Boys, The Charles Moulton Band, The NPW Philharmonic Orchestra, Mother’s Darling and The 4-Men Trio. He spent a day in June of 2015 filming a soccer film for the Schalke Arena, he appeared on the cable channel SAT 1-afternoon show “Auf Streife”, has recorded voice-overs for Swedish films, collaborated with people like Luciano Pavarotti and played a performance of “Dance of the Vampires” in Vienna for Johnny Depp. He worked as a trilingual tourguide at the Renaissance palace in Kalmar, Sweden and is a filmmaker, translator, director, conductor, drama-coach, singing-teacher who teaches Italian in his free time. He has worked as a radio-speaker and is also a painter with sold and exhibited work. Among his stage roles, you will find Scar in The Lion King, Masetto in Don Giovanni and Young Scrooge in A Christmas Carol. Mr. Moulton is married and has a daughter.

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Aphrodite Curse 21 Tales Of Love And Terror

Aphrodite’s Curse By Charles E.J. Moulton 21 tales of Love and Terror The characters are plagued and inspired by memories. In Leaf in the Wind, the painful death of Jennifer’s late boyfriend sends her back to the Spanish dance-club they used to visit

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