Banking on Deceit: A Toni Jasper Murder Mystery

Silver, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller

Banking on Deceit: A Toni Jasper Murder Mystery

Kidnapping Thriller Book Murder Mystery

  • Title: Banking on Deceit: A Toni Jasper Murder Mystery
  • Author: B. J. Dandro
  • Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Suspense
  • Length: 257 pages
  • Publication Date: April 24, 2018

Banking on Deceit – Synopsis

Murder Mystery Book Killer Kidnapper

In her former career, Toni Jasper’s doggedness led to the exposure of upstanding citizens’ sordid dealings. But her life had never been threatened. Now, in a new venture as an ad agency exec, Toni finds herself in morbid danger after a banking client’s bizarre theft, the discovery of a charred body and her friend’s kidnapping. Disregarding warnings to be careful, Toni’s determined to outsmart a killer-kidnapper before her worst fears are realized.

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About the Author

Author B.J. Dandro

B. J. Dandro, MBA, is a businesswoman, author, and speaker. She grew up as a Nancy Drew aficionado. Today, mysteries still top her reading list. Her career has included media writing, boutique agency ownership, corporate public relations work, Real Estate sales and university teaching. Over the years, Barbara has encountered a variety of personalities, and a few of them, luckily (or not), provided inspiration for Banking on Deceit. She resides in Lutz, FL.

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