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  • Title: Become The Writer: Change Your World
  • Author: Max Coltrane
  • Genre: Personal Transformation, Nonfiction, Self Help
  • Length: 34 pages
  • Publication Date: January 3, 2018

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Become The Writer: Change Your World


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It is said that human civilization and culture actually began when we first accomplished how to write on cave walls.

Exchanging messages, conveying ideas, expression emotions… so many things you can achieve via writing and most of them you haven’t even thought of.

That’s why reading this book comes as a revelation for most people. It’s a true eye-opener that will show you exactly how expressing yourself in written form can have a positive effect on every single aspect of your life.

From letting out bottled emotions, to discovering notions that you didn’t even know you had, writing is by far the most powerful means to make a meaningful and long-lasting change in your life that many people would call a transformation!

So, if you’ve ever had any urges to start writing, read this book first, then grab a pen and unleash your inner writer!

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About The Author

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My name is Max Coltrane, I was born 33 years ago in a small coastal town on the Southeast coast of England, UK.

The long story short is that I have grown very well mainly from my own doing. I believe that many lives can be touched and I have certainly done that and find it deeply rewarding.

More to the point, when I left my at the time, non-existent life many years ago, I left the UK and lived in the remote rain forest of Brazil for 6 months. My Dad (who passed away when I was 17) had traveled Brazil many years prior so this has always inspired such a meaningful passion for myself to do similar.

My experience in Brazil was absolutely epic and I will be blogging all of my amazing stories on here. Brazil gave me the travel bug, badly (as well as a new language, deadly encounters, intensity, scares, freedom, rich culture, insane experiences and formidable wildlife). Brazil really did have it all.

I held on to this travel bug for a long time until enough was enough. So, at the age of 29 and with just a buckled push bike to my name, no licences, trades, promising career or degrees, I decided to up and leave again. This time though, I left with a one-way ticket (to Thailand), no real plan at all, not a great deal of money and I was fed up of my anxiety ridden life, so facing all my fears was what I wanted to do.

Facing fears is exactly what I did and I can honestly say, hand on heart that I know my life started at 29 and what has happened since leaving the UK in 2013 is nothing short of unbelievable. My book highlights this as from story to story, experience to experience it is a real page turner. Living this page turner was even more insane, but the rewards are that great I have had tears of joy, euphoria and the ultimate freedom ever imaginable.

What I have now compared to then is a whole world apart. I have easily achieved, experienced and faced abundant fears a hundred times over compared to the first 29 years of my life. I wish I had read a book like the one I have decided to write based from the raw experiences I have had since leaving the UK in 2013. Stepping Out – All or Nothing allows the reader to go through everything I have been through since leaving England in 2013 and it will not disappoint in the slightest. My book will be in three main parts.

Where I am now, is back doing what I am naturally made for which is is helping troubled youth. This time however, I am in the only place in the world where I can work with such a generation of people. The significance of my work that I love and enjoy involves the richest of culture, working with traumatized youth, developing life skills, ancient traditions and learning, as well as teaching an incredible amount.

I have been strongly advised time and time again that due to my phenomenal, mind-blowing and hard-hitting experiences that I should write a book as well as get a blogging site going so here I am. Stepping Out – All or Nothing, is being published as we speak and will also not let you down. It will be full of fascinating stories, free tips, free advice, meaningful blogs and I am deeply passionate about sharing my story that I will put my heart and soul into an amazing novel, books and blog. My book will available to buy on all the usual sites. My mission is to inspire, get people travelling, open-minds, face fears and I can promise a great read for all ages and do not have any ambition at all to gain financially. My passion is that incredible I have spent just over 5k already on ensuring my book is handled professionally yet, I have the complete final word which is the most important thing.

Everything comes from rich, pure and raw experiences from which I have lived extensively in five completely different countries which have all had vastly different cultures.

I have so much more travelling to do yet and my plans are so big. During my time travelling to at least 30 different countries and will be soon adding another 4 to the list, I have learnt such a lot and it’s about time I shared it all.

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