Black Dreams

Silver, Fiction, Folk Tales, Horror, Mythology, Occult, Occult Horror

Black Dreams

Black Dreams - Journey Of Self Discovery Book

  • Title: Black Dreams
  • Author: Damond Kelly
  • Genre: Occult Horror, Occult Fiction, Mythology, Folk Tales
  • Length: 341 pages
  • Publication Date: May 12, 2021

Black Dreams – Synopsis

Black Dreams - Young Wolf Contemplating Over Staying Home

“Had you just done your part and stayed home none of this would have happened.” This is a question that Gabriel will play over and over again in his head as he watches everything he’s ever known crash before his eyes. Just days after being let out of the castle, Gabriel attempts to absorb all the information about the outside world he can. Unfortunately, that quickly becomes too much for him to handle. Civil war, Machiavellian schemes, and merciless slaughter are all jammed into his face almost instantly. And on top of all of these trauma inducing events, Gabriel has to handle the terror of being a hormonal, teenage boy.

This young wolf has been groomed to take the throne from his father. Heeding the words of his betrothed, Natalia, Gabriel treks on a journey of self discovery that forces him to decide. Will he succumb to the expectations of his kingdom or run away from all the bloodshed to be “normal”? Barely escaping the clutches of his sociopathic guardian, our main character finds himself in a whole new world of trouble. Due to powerful vampires and a pesky group of charmers, he just can’t seem to find peace anywhere. This leaves him contemplating over and over, “Should I have just stayed home.”

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