Bunny Trouble

Bunny Girls Human Pet Story

  • Title: Bunny Trouble (Bunny Troubles Book 1)
  • Author: Lauren Ipsome
  • Genre: Erotica, BDSM
  • Length: 423 pages
  • Publication Date: December 31, 2015

Bunny Trouble – Synopsis

Auction Night Master Or Servant Story

In an era where the absurdly wealthy are allowed to purchase human “pets” as playmates for their pleasure, Auction Night for the unspoiled Bunny-Girls is more than just a show of decadence and good grace, but a display of dominance and wealth. Master is not just obscenely wealthy, but embodies charm, wit, and utter control, so when a feisty Bunny-Girl catches his ever-watchful eye, intrigue abounds. Whisked away to his sprawling manse, she has no idea what to expect, except that losing her virginity will be the imminent and pressing first question. Timid by nature, she finds herself jumping at every new experience as Master leads her down an intense new road of discovery, romance, and intimacy. Master finds he has to nudge his new prize every step of the way down this twining path, building trust with each new experience, and forcing her to bridge the gaps between them if he is ever to hope to have real intimacy with her. While Master may be patient by nature of the chase, his new Bunny proves to be more skittish than he would have expected, and now, both Master and servant must learn the true meaning of the word “restraint.” Or does he?
Book 1 in an ongoing Series

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About the Author

Author Lauren Ipsome

Lauren grew up in Southern California back when strawberry fields and orange groves were still abundant and there was ample parking at Disneyland. Initially a visual artist, she started writing in high school but it wasn’t until her first year of college that she had her first published work in the Library of Congress. In college she worked as editor on the school’s annual anthology of Art and Literature magazine and later graduated on the Dean’s List. She continues to chip away at her novel writing while also continuing to write poetry and shorter prose pieces while also playing ‘mom’ to her host of ‘death-row doggies.’

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