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  • Title: Creative Visualization for Writers: An Interactive Guide for Bringing Your Book Ideas and Your Writing Career to Life
  • Author: Nina Amir
  • Genre: Writing Craft
  • Length: 224 pages
  • Publisher: Writer’s Digest Books
  • Publication Date: October 18, 2016

Every writer’s friend, Nina Amir is back to help writers look at their creative process in a whole new way.

Creative Visualization for Writers: An Interactive Guide for Bringing Your Book Ideas and Your Writing Career to Life is Nina Amir’s newest writing book. There are over 100 writing prompts and exercises combined with the fun of adult coloring. Some of the exercises involve coloring in a small image while thinking about your answers to that particular question, others include quizzes, fill in the blanks or other interesting ways to get you thinking creatively.

Here are a few questions Nina Amir gracefully accepted to answer for the WriterspayItForward audience. This time, as a part of WOW (Women on Writing) Blog Tour at The Muffin.


1. How will Creative Visualization help beginner writers? Experienced writers?

Creative Visualization for Writers teaches all sorts of writers—published or aspiring authors–they have the power to create their success. And they can create it in more ways than just sitting down at the computer to write.

The book helps writers generate ideas and creativity on demand. And it helps them uncover their internal blocks to writing and make new decisions, choose positive and helpful thoughts, and form supportive habits.

In the process, they become more productive and successful writers because they choose to focus and be on purpose with every action they take.

The book allows them to more effectively dream, stretch, visualize, and create the writing life and career they desire.

2. What made you decide to write Creative Visualization?

I became aware of the adult coloring book trend. I thought it was interesting and began exploring possibilities.

I researched coloring books for writers and found two self-published books but nothing else… and I didn’t feel either one of them were good.

Given that I don’t think writers have time to sit around and color, I brainstormed how to get in on this trend without producing just another coloring book for adults.

I decided that everything in the book had to help writers succeed. It needed to be an interactive journal that included focus driven coloring book pages as well as affirmation pages and exercises for goal setting, removing mental blocks to success, visualization, and creativity.

I happened to meet my publisher at the Book Expo America in 2015, and I brought up the topic. He had just been researching coloring books for writers! He loved my idea and had been thinking along the same lines.

We put our heads together with one of his sales reps, and the idea became a “thing.” I submitted a proposal, and upon acceptance, I had a deal.

Additionally, I have wanted to move into the area of personal development and practical spirituality. The Author Training Manual included a chapter on this subject that discussed visualization, goal setting, and self-discovery. Creative Visualization for Writers takes these concepts a huge step farther.

3. Do you have a favorite exercise in the book?

I like all of them! But I am partial to the ones on self-exploration, because I strongly believe that we stop ourselves from succeeding. Therefore, personal development provides the foundation for success—in any endeavor.

With that in mind, I love the exercise called “Who Do You Want to Become.” Here’s an excerpt from that exercise:

“Your life is like a canvas upon which you can paint. You can create the frame for that canvas with your negative thoughts and beliefs, unsupportive habits, or unhelpful personality traits. Or you can frame your vision of who you can become and what you can do in the world with positivity.

“Expand the borders of your canvas with your positive thoughts, supportive habits, and unlimited beliefs. Paint a picture by imagining your best writing self and your dream writing career or life. What characteristics would you need to possess? How would you describe yourself and your career?”

4. Where do you do your writing? Do you feel your surroundings affect your writing?

I primarily write in my office. It is in a loft over the kitchen, dining room, and living room and features a huge window that looks out through the redwood trees to the mountains and ocean. On a clear day, I can see the ocean glittering in the distance.

Sometimes I write in my living room or up in my meditation room. This can make me feel a bit more creative. However, I’m fairly productive in my office.

I do, indeed, feel my surroundings affect my writing. I love that I live in a beautiful place, and I think that sparks my creativity. However, I can be pretty productive in a coffee shop as well!

5. Are you working on a book now?

 I just finished up an ebook in my Write Nonfiction NOW! Guide to… series.  It is on creativity and flow.

I will start on a new book proposal in November or December, which means I will soon write sample chapters.

And I hope to finish another ebook before the end of the year—this one for bloggers.

But I’m not working on a book at the moment.


Creative Visualization For Writers

To become a more creative, confident, and productive writer, you need to focus your attention, visualize your desires, set clearly defined goals, and take action toward your dreams. Let Creative Visualization for Writers be your guide on this journey of self-discovery. You’ll learn how to:

  • Evaluate your beliefs and shed self-defeating behaviors.
  • Determine your destination by visualizing your ideas and goals.
  • Develop an Author Attitude that will help you write, achieve, earn, and produce more.
  • Discover new ways to foster your creativity and productivity.
  • Affirm that you have what it takes to succeed.

Featuring more than 100 exercises and prompts to spark new writing ideas and give you a creative boost, as well as coloring pages to encourage relaxation, Creative Visualization for Writers helps you transform your dreams into reality and find joy in the creative process.

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About the Author

Nina Amir

Nina Amir started as a journalist. She has a BA in magazine journalism with a concentration in psychology. After working as an editor and writer for a variety of regional magazines, a national corporation in New York City, and a small consulting firm, she started my own freelance writing and design business.

Working on other writers’ manuscripts sparked her desire to write a book of on topics she felt passionate about: personal development and practical spirituality. More than publishing a book, she wanted to build a business around those books.

Setting out to learn all she could about the publishing industry she got involved with the San Francisco Writer’s Conference and started the Write Nonfiction in November Challenge (now known as National Nonfiction Writing Month). In April 2012, her first book How to Blog a Book was published, became an Amazon bestseller almost immediately, and has remained one ever since. The Author Training Manual was published by Writer’s Digest Books just two years later and was a bestseller before any books passed through the register on Amazon. In addition, she’s self-published several more ebooks, all of which have made it onto the Amazon Top 100 right away. In fact, she’s had as many as four books on one Amazon Top 100 list at the same time!

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Creative Visualization for Writers: An Interactive Guide for Bringing Your Book Ideas and Your Writing Career to Life is Nina Amir’s newest writing book. There are over 100 writing prompts and exercises combined with the fun of adult coloring.

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