Death of the Universe

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  • Authors: Shoraz
  • Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy
  • Length: 327 pages
  • Publication Date: February 2, 2018


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As the universe inches closer and closer to its unfathomable death and the final war for planet earth between the humans, superhumans, knights and betasapiens is about to begin; the evil empire of the betasapiens along with their army of knights begin their onslaught against humanity.

Meanwhile, in the Realm of Zerros, Galiac begins his journey to save everything in existence from the wrath of Venetia – the current ruler of Zerros. As his journey begins, he does everything in his power to help the side of good and puts his plan in place for Ava’s eventual return to her past home and the place where she once ruled – the Realm of Zerros.

Back on earth, a distraught Ava, still in grief from the death of Jonah slowly begins to realize the powers at her command and begins her voyage of revenge against the betasapiens and the knights in hopes of avenging Jonah’s death. As she begins her journey, little does she know that along the way her destined path of self–discovery is about to take place in her journey in becoming the mythical Phoenix.

Meanwhile, Dean along with John continue their search for Ava and Jonah, none the wiser that Dean’s beloved son – Jonah – has died. As Dean and John trek across the Americas, John is aided by the otherworldly force of Luanne – Ava’s dead mother – whose role in the battle against the forces of evil is more important than anyone could have imagined.

As the lives of Ava, Dean, John, Galiac, Venetia, Sarah, and others begin their destined and irreversible collision course, and the fate of humanity along with the plethora of life forms across the universe hangs in the balance. The forces of good and evil clash, and Venetia deploys her army of sentinels and royal guards of Zerros to begin their task of destroying everything in existence within the universe known as the Xerrolux in the most unfathomable death of them all – the death of the universe.

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About the Author

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Originally from Toronto, Shoraz now lives in Canada’s capital, Ottawa.

His first trilogy, which is part of the Realm of Zerros saga begins with his debut novel – Omega Armageddon. The trilogy continues with his second novel – Death of the Universe; followed by the third novel – The Dragon and the Phoenix.

The Realm of Zerros saga captures his passion for the science fiction and fantasy genres.

He is happily married and is the father of two children.

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