Entwined - Ancient Myths Star Crossed Lovers

  • Title: Entwined
  • Author: Evelyne M. Cynk
  • Genre: Historical Erotica, Medieval, Historical Romance, Literature, Fiction
  • Pages: 336
  • Publication Date: February 15, 2020

Entwined – Synopsis

Entwined - Unfolding Love Story

“In a land of ancient myths and new paths, a pair of Star-Crossed lovers, entwined by destiny, set on a spiritual quest to explore what there might be beyond a name.”

Canovee, Ireland, 1362. Alasdair O’Donovan, heir not only to the Serpent clan but to a volatile armistice with neighbouring tyrant Lochlan McCarthy, struggles to keep his village protected and fed.

One cold autumn night, a mysterious, lost woman knocks on Alasdair’s door, pleading for a place to stay in exchange for her services as a healer.

Her name? Leanne McCarthy.

Will their love be able to unfold in their war-shaken world?

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About The Author

Entwined - Unfolding Love Spiritual Quest

Evelyne M. Cynk was born in Katowice, Poland, in 1988. She currently lives with her cat in a charming, if somewhat crowded, apartment in Germany. Although affected with cerebral palsy, she is currently finishing her first career in curative pedagogy and committed to moving to Ireland to study professional writing within the next years.
Entwined is her author’s debut and more books will follow.

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