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  • Title: Find Your Unique Value Proposition, In Principle and Practice: To Dominate Your Real Estate Market
  • Author: Rowena Patton
  • Genre: Sales, Selling, Real Estate, Business, Nonfiction
  • Length: 204 pages
  • Publisher: BookBaby
  • Publication Date: September 13, 2017


Find Your Unique Value Proposition, In Principle And Practice Cover
Contents include:

  • What is a Unique Value Proposition (UVP)?
  • The Test for a UVP
  • Why it is critical to have a UVP
  • Allstar Value Propositions
  • 12 ways to determine your UVP
  • Workbooks to get your ideas into action

An Overview of The Programs

  • Love It or Leave It Guarantee: free (and then discounted) commissions for a Buyer who needs to turn around and sell their home, for up to 10 years.
  • Homes For Heroes: a Program of giving, providing rebates for community workers, including: Police, Firefighters, Teachers, Healthcare Professionals, Military and Veterans.
  • CPO: Certified Pre-Owned Program: Sellers get an Appraisal and an inspection upfront, and offer a home warranty to the Buyers.
  • Listing Storyboard: a landing page for a listing that features a Walking-Tour Video, an interview with the Sellers, and comments from friends and family. It can also be utilized as a landing page for a geographic area, a restaurant or any other business.
  • Walking-Tour Videos: producing videos that capture the lifestyle of the home; includes a Memories Video that captures your Seller’s memories of the home, for posterity.
  • Coming Soon: a way of marketing listings before they are on the MLS, where permitted.
  • Radio and Broadcast: a platform for sharing your real estate general knowledge.
  • Priority Buyers and Sellers: Programs to help your Buyers and Sellers get organized, often before even meeting with them face-to-face.
  • Sell For Free / Buy New: useful for Sellers of a home who are looking to purchase a new home with your preferred builders.
  • Land Sales: a way of providing more marketing, should you decide to carry bare-land listings.
  • Lease Option: methodology for making a lease option more palatable for all parties.
  • Estate Planning: what to do in a sensitive environment, when a family death occurs, and more than one party may be involved in the sale of the property.
  • Divorce: treating the parties involved with sensitivity, and applying a system to make sure that the sale is treated as fairly as possible.
  • Mike Hicks’ – The Promise: wrapping up the Programs with a system of delivering on a promise to give first rate service, and receiving referrals based on your impeccable service.

How The Book Is Organized

Chapter 1: Finding Your Unique Value Proposition, helps you better understand the UVP concept by exploring and identifying what is unique about you – what you love to do, and what you are passionate about – and tying that into your real estate business. This is accomplished through a common theme in business relationships: developing a stronger sense of trust and deeper connections with your clients, based on shared values, backgrounds, and interests.

Chapter 2: AllStarCertified’s UVP Programs address the process first, as a foundation for how you conduct your business. All Programs are fueled largely by ‘anticipatory intelligence’ – what we can do to help buyers and sellers enjoy the process more, and experience a better result – by anticipating stress points before they arrive, and derail your business relationship. Each Program addresses a customer issue I’ve experienced along the way.

Chapter 3: About the Author – Where the Perspective Came From, shares more details about my life and work experiences, and insight into where many of my perspectives stemmed from.

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About The Author

Rowena Patton

Rowena Patton (Keller Williams 2007 Rookie of the Year) coaches experienced agents while leading her own 60m producing team of Keller Williams agents in Asheville, NC and her national network, AllStarCertified.com. AllstarCertified agents keep their own business and branding, and benefit from weekly training and free marketing materials, access to all the programs ‘in a box’ as well as large discounts on CRMS. Available exclusively to one KW team per market center.

Having entered into real estate from an international, board-level role in corporate business, Patton found the ‘old way of doing things’ to be ‘something of a shock to the system.’ Having become perplexed by the way things were done, and through her concern for buyers, sellers and agents alike Patton wrote “Find Your Unique Value Proposition” to better serve everyone involved in the real estate process.

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