Foundation: Grapes of Rome Book 2

  • Title: Foundation: Grapes of Rome Book 2
  • Author: Remmy Meggs
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Historical Fiction
  • Length: 275 pages
  • Publication Date: October 24, 2018

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Foundation Grapes of Rome Book 2

Foundation: Grapes of Rome Book 2 – Synopsis

Starvation Worldwide

Dante and his followers have grown older and so has Rome. Cassius and Camillus are following the same codes as the previous king, not to mention the overcrowding of Rome itself, which causes hardships on everyone. Starvation and the Gaul as well as Goth cause panic in the fledgling Republic, Rome how it really was!

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About the Author

Author Remmy Meggs

Remmy Meggs has written YA action-adventure novels and is working on others.

He spends his time writing, playing a few online games with friends and movies he can get, and listens to music. Remmy sleeps about twelve hours on and off each day. We hope you enjoy his work as much as we do.

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