Frigity, the Witch Big Exam

Silver, Children's Books, Fantasy, Magic, Sword & Sorcery

Frigity, the Witch Big Exam

Frigity, the Witch Big Exam - Witch Children's Book Series

  • Title: Frigity, the Witch Big Exam
  • Author: Harp Dhami
  • Genre: Children’s Books, Sword & Sorcery, Fantasy, Magic
  • Pages: 30
  • Publisher: Austin Macauley
  • Publication Date: March 31, 2020


Frigity, the Witch Big Exam - Witches Book Read

Frigity Bucket attends the bewitching school for young and gifted witches in the magical land of Flume, albeit, Frigity would be the first to admit she is not the most naturally gifted witch-student. Frigity, armed with her wand and best intentions, invariably gets into trouble whether she’s trying to perform magic spells, learning to ride her broom-stick, conjuring up weird and wonderful potions and other witchy stuff that witches tend to do. Is anyone safe when Frigity is learning the art of witchcraft? Miss Tick, Frigity’s teacher, is set to the onerous task of making Frigity a competent witch, and now, Miss Tick, along with other budding witches, hold their breath every time Frigity waves her wand around like it is a dangerous weapon, knowing something unusual might happen—or in Frigity’s case, will happen. Join Frigity, the witch adventures, as she endeavours to become an immaculate witch – broomsticks crossed!

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About The Author

Frigity, the Witch Big Exam - Witch Student Witch Potion Story

The author was born in the year 1980 in the ‘robust’ region of England, fondly referred to as the Black Country. He attended The University Of Birmingham to study the riveting world of Theoretical Physics. He is happily married and blessed with three loving children. They are his greatest inspiration apropos to writing exhilarating children’s books, albeit, they are also his harshest critics. He actively participates in numerous sports and endeavours to attend live sporting events whenever possible. His home away from ‘home’ is the gym – when motivation allows. He also enjoys long rural walks and is a wildlife enthusiast who revels in traveling the wondrous world. A self-confessed film buff, technology geek. He listens to many varied genres of music and appreciate classic cars.

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