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  • Title: Get Your Mind “Write”: 7 Steps to Breakthrough Confidence for Aspiring Authors
  • Authors: Pat B. Freeman
  • Genre: Writing
  • Length: 148 pages
  • Publisher: Passion-Powered Publishing
  • Publication Date: May 1, 2018

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Get Your Mind “Write”: 7 Steps to Breakthrough Confidence for Aspiring Authors

Get Your Mind “Write”: 7 Steps to Breakthrough Confidence for Aspiring Authors – Synopsis

How To Write A Book & Become A Published Author

Are you mentally prepared to write your first book without quitting or putting it off before you achieve your goal – and even increase your income and credibility when you decide to take action and get it done? It takes confidence, determination, and a made up mind to start and finish any big goal. Get Your Mind “Write” is the quickest way to get your mind ready to write and become a published author. Follow the 7-step process to gain breakthrough confidence. It will give you the inspiration and confidence to move from dreamer to believer to achiever. With the right mindset, your book awaits!

Here’s just a sample of what you’ll discover in this insightful book:

  • What inspired me to write this book
  • Why aspiring authors need to have the right mindset
  • Why confidence counts when writing to publish
  • Why plain confidence is not enough – You need breakthrough confidence
  • And, discover the 7 Steps to Breakthrough Confidence for Aspiring Authors.

… and much, MUCH More!

And, to supplement the book, there is also a “Get Your Mind ‘Write’”: 90-Day Action Planner.

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About the Author

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PAT B. FREEMAN is a John Maxwell certified speaker, trainer, and coach with more than twenty years as a college administrator. She is an author, serial entrepreneur, and founder/CEO of Pat B. Freeman (LLC), a service and website with an entrepreneurial focus offering inspirational business speaking and women’s empowerment coaching, including online courses and live training events, products, tools, and resources for business start-up, career growth, and leadership development. Pat’s passion and mission are to provide solutions that help women and others follow their passion, be confident, move from stuck to clarity, build their dreams, and create a life that thrills. She speaks to motivate and inspire audiences to turn their inspiration into action and passion to profits. After learning she would lose her job of fifteen years, Pat wrote her first book, an e-book. The next year, she was inspired again to write a book in seven days when she didn’t have a print book for a conference she would attend as a vendor in two weeks. “Get Your Mind ‘Write'” was also inspired by Pat’s experience and led her to author this book to inspire women and others to author their story. Pat believes that all inspired ideas can be turned into action and woes transformed into wins with the right mindset. Pat is the president of the International Association of Women (IAW), Greensboro Chapter. She earned a Master’s Degree from Campbell University and a Bachelor’s Degree from Florida State University, and she is the mother of two adult sons, Sterling and Styles.

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on 02, May 2018
I am mesmerized by this Writers Pay It Forward platform. There is literally no one else online to compare to the rapid response, professional service, and genuine mission to support authors in their book journey from start to publish to promotions. This is a "heaven-sent" opportunity for any aspiring, new, or established author. Want a seamless book publishing and promotion process, with like-minded professionals? You've found it here. Search no more! Pat B. Freeman, Professional Speaker & Empowerment Coach
Pat B. Freeman

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