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  • Title: Getting High: Mental, Physical, and Spiritual Ascension for Melanated Teens
  • Author: Nikala Asante
  • Genre: Success
  • Length: 188 pages
  • Publication Date: November 30, 2016

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Getting High: Mental, Physical, and Spiritual Ascension for Melanated Teens

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Getting High is a mental, physical, and spiritual guide for melanated teens who are ready to become their best selves. Many teenagers fall into traps in this vulnerable stage of their lives that affect them negatively for years to come. Avoid the traps and empower your life with Getting High. No matter if you are a teen, a parent, or simply a person seeking guidance, once you apply the principles in this book, you will never be the same.

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About the Author

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Inspired by great women writers such as Maya Angelou and Alice Walker, Nikala Asante seeks to create community and global change both within and outside of her writing. Asante’s body of work includes six published books within the genres poetry, fiction, social justice, and education.

Combining her writing with a love for performance, Asante shares spoken word nationally and internationally. She has been featured in two documentaries, 16th Strike: The Documentary and Nice: A Place to Start, and a 2015 episode of PBS NewsHour highlighting Art and Activism in Houston’s Third Ward.

Asante’s commitment to learning and service has led her to traverse eleven countries outside of the United States while engaging in research and service projects such as developing theories about African centered education in Ghana and delivering needed resources to refugees in Haitian border towns.

Asante is a University of Houston alumni. As a Creative Writing graduate, she was the first undergraduate alumni to be featured in the UH English Department’s alumni newsletter in the history of the university.

In addition to writing and performing, Asante is very passionate about education. She is a proud homeschooler and founder of Black Homeschool Mom, a resource site for African centered educators.

Asante is available for speaking, workshops for women and youth, and performances year-round.

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