Good Credit is Cool, Great Credit is Sexy

Good Credit is Cool, Great Credit is Sexy

Good Credit Is Cool, Great Credit Is Sexy banner

  • Title: GOOD CREDIT IS COOL, GREAT CREDIT IS SEXY: Professional Credit Education
    and Repair Made Simple
  • Authors: Jimarcus Blandin
  • Genre: Personal Finance, Self-Help
  • Length: 140 pages
  • Publisher: J. Blandin Enterprises
  • Publication Date: November 1, 2017


Good Credit is Cool, Great Credit is Sexy

This is the subject they don’t teach you in school! This TELL ALL, NO-HOLDS BARRED GUIDE not only will assist everyone with credit education but it is also a STEP BY STEP DIY Instructions Manual to repair your own credit from a Board Certified Industry Expert.


  • Sample Dispute Letters for credit bureau, collections, medical collections, repos, judgments, etc & how and when to effectively use them.
  • How to effectively Analyze/Audit a credit report.
  • How to properly spot and dispute medical collections.
  • How to spot real HIPAA violations( not the bogus stuff that doesn’t work) and when to seek an attorney.
  • How to understand and apply Consumer Protection Laws
  • How to understand when the Credit Bureaus are non-compliant and how to handle it
  • What is Metro 2 and how it applies to you with invalid formatting
  • What is e-Oscar, how the dispute process works, and how e-Oscar’s electronic verification is not correct
  • Advance Dispute Tactics
  • All things Collection and how sample Validation letters
  • How to handle and stop Debt Collectors call immediately
  • What you can Sue the collections agency and Credit Bureaus
  • How to understand Statue of Limitations for collections and for reporting
  • How to handle Repos, Bankruptcies, Judgments, Public Records
  • All about Late Payments
  • Student Loans disputes and various way to get them out of default
  • When you need to hire a professional

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About the Author

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Coming out of college with a ton of bills and bad credit Jimarcus knows what it is like to have multiple credit card debt, car repos, evictions, medical bills, and a lack of proper knowledge about credit and how to repair it. So he set out to educate himself by investing in books, training, people, and anything that he could to gain more knowledge of all things credit and finance related. To date, he continues to have ongoing training to stay on top of his game while successfully helping and coaching others.

As a Board Certified Credit Professional, Certified Credit Score Professional, FCRA Certified Expert, and an Ambassador to a growing community of professionals, Jimarcus has set out on a journey to Empower, Educate, and Help others understand the importance of maintaining a great credit profile.

With a background and degrees in International Business, Finance, and Software Engineering Management, Jimarcus has held many titles on his journey. He has grown from a former Bank Employee, Gov’t Financial Disposition Healthcare Analyst, Medicare/Medicaid Specialist, and etc. to now the CEO of FYI Business and Financial Solutions Inc., J. Blandin Enterprises, and Conversion Real Estate Solutions Inc. in addition to partnerships with several other corporations that he has helped start up and grow. He holds a lot of titles but among all of his titles, the ones that he holds most high is being a Great Father, Coach and Proud Mentor to our youth with now over 40+ attending college after coming through his program since 2016.

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