GPS vs GPS, Which is Leading You?

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  • Title: GPS vs GPS, Which is Leading You?
  • Author: P Lanette Pinkard
  • Genre: Education Theory, Leadership
  • Length: 24 pages
  • Publication Date: July 25, 2017

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GPS vs GPS, Which is Leading You?

GPS vs GPS, Which is Leading You? – Synopsis

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A comparison of the similarities and differences between GPS and God’s Holy Spirit and the end result of both.

GPS vs. GPS, Which is Leading You?” will take you on a short journey of the amazing similarities between the Global Positioning System and GOD’s Protective Service. One leads to a short-term solution down the temporary path of everyday life, the Other leads to a permanently rewarding upward path to an eternal destiny.

Real talk, fun and amazing comparisons!

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About The Author

P Lanette Pinkard

P Lanette Pinkard is an author and a speaker who draws real-life comparisons to bring impactful truth to her readers. She takes an open, honest, and comical approach to dealing with situations that can start as stumbling blocks, but end up as stepping stones that lift you up towards your purpose and destiny!

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