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Grafted In

Rebuild The Foundation

  • Title: Grafted In: Leading Your Orphan Heart to the Spirit of Adoption
  • Author: Michelle Wuesthoff
  • Genre: Spiritual Growth, Spirituality
  • Length: 214 pages
  • Publisher: Heart&Sea Press
  • Publication Date: September 20, 2018

Grafted In – Synopsis

Personal Stories Missionary Work Uganda

Do you struggle with being able to feel the Father’s love for you? Are you tired of trying to shake that restless feeling and nagging loneliness you’ve been carrying all your life?

You don’t have to go it alone anymore.

You’ve been adopted.

In Grafted In, Michelle Wuesthoff is your guide to knowing how to lead your orphan heart to the Spirit of Adoption, step by step. In the midst of the ups and downs of parenting her adopted children, the Lord began to show her how she was functioning just like an orphan herself when it came to her relationship with him. And just like with her children, there was a process she could learn to bond with him, to love him, and to receive his love in return.

Michelle shows you how to rebuild the foundation of your identity the right way—on God’s reckless, lavish love and on his truth. Then, she outlines specific steps for you to follow to be able to receive and embrace your own adoption. Through personal stories from her experiences as an adoptive mother and short-term missionary to Uganda, she teaches you, encourages you, and walks with you on your own journey home to the Father.

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About the Author

Author Michelle Wuesthoff

I’m Michelle Wuesthoff, the incredibly blessed mama to five amazing kids, and the luckiest wife I know. Sometimes I think I love coffee more than any substance known to man, but I’m not quick to turn down a glass of Chianti, either. I have serious beach house goals, and I scour the real estate sites each morning (coffee in hand) for the perfect one with a palm tree out front.

A girl’s gotta dream.

Speaking of dreaming, I do a lot of it. I am constantly seeking to create something and I’m always looking to make life better and more beautiful for myself and others around me.

It’s pretty much an obsession!

I’ve always loved sitting with people, listening, sharing, and encouraging them where I can. Relationships feed me, inspire me, and make my life incredibly rich.

It’s because of my passion for relationships that I began writing in earnest. I long to see people thriving: living their lives with purpose, on purpose, and embracing it wholeheartedly with the faith-filled expectation I call HOPE. I write books, blog posts, articles, and devotionals centered around the themes of spiritual and emotional wholeness, all from a Christian perspective.

I invite you to read some of my writings and be encouraged! You and the life you have are precious. Don’t forget that.

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