Half Empty Half Full

Half Empty Half Full - Third Eye Opening Divine Intervention Stories

  • Title: Half Empty Half Full
  • Author: D-Revolution
  • Genre: Family Life, Spirituality, Literature & Fiction
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Half Empty Half Full – Synopsis

Half Empty Half Full - Divine Intervention Book

This story is about divine intervention. Niven is a man who rushes to judgement and makes rash decisions. But what he doesn’t realize is that his rash decisions are costing him and destroying those whom he is supposed to protect. Stacy, his fiancé, tries to help him and follow his lead. However, this puts Stacy and their daughters at the mercy of destruction. Niven opens his third eye and allows spiritual signs to lead him in the proper way. Until he makes a deliberate choice to risk it all. “Pride comes before a fall.” Stacy is called upon to serve a spiritual intervention with the man she loves. Leaving them both “Half Empty, Half Full.”

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About the Author

Half Empty Half Full - Third Eye Opening Experience

Author D-Revolution is a Chicago native. Known for his hard-knock style of poetry. In 2007 he was honored with the Southern Entertainment Award for poet of the year. D-Revolution’s new book has won the Readers’ Choice Award, but is not without controversy Half Empty Half Full pushes a pro-life agenda and is considered to be a masterpiece with many readers.

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5.0 Rating From 1 Reviews.
on 04, May 2021
D. Revolution wrote a unique and thoroughly entertaining tale. Niven, and Stacy were the main characters/protagonists in this story. Everything centers around the lives of these two. There is quite the supporting cast of supporting characters: Rachael, Unique, Niven’s parents, Jeff, Mr. Fuqua, Jersey, BJ and Rusty and Ms. Davis. Niven’s life is turned upside down when he winds up in jail as the consequences of making bad choices and decisions. The story evolves from there and takes you to the most unexpected places. Scenes unfold that keep the reader on the edge of their seat. It was very engaging. There isn’t a moment of boredom. Every story has its antagonists. Ms. Davis and Rusty served their roles well. Let’s just say the reader really awaited their comeuppance. The pace that the story unfolded kept the reader intrigued from beginning to the end. Half Empty Half Full, had it all. Amazing plot development. Well developed characters and more. I highly recommend this story the plot twists alone makes it a story to be revisited over and over again.