How Much Can a Soul Take

Silver, African American, Christian, Fiction

How Much Can a Soul Take

marriage issues

  • Title: How Much Can a Soul Take
  • Author: Tammy T. Cross
  • Genre: Fiction, African American, Christian
  • Length: 79 pages
  • Publisher: Anointed Inspirations Publishing, LLC

How Much Can a Soul Take – Synopsis

marital problems

Shay Bradley was a beautiful young woman with problems in her marriage like lots of couples in the world today. When her husband, Mitchell, starts to forget the vows he made, Shay begins to search for her own comfort in the arms of an old friend. Will the familiarity of this old friend help or further damage the marriage she takes so seriously or is the damage already done? Life throws Shay another curve ball when she runs into her Godsister Jenny at a reunion. The revelation is a big one, one that could change her family’s life forever. Will this family be torn apart by hidden secrets and yearning hearts? Or will they allow God to step in and work it out before it’s too late? There’s only so much that a soul can take…before it gives out.

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About the Author

Author Tammy T. Cross

My name is Tammy T. Cross I am an 41 year old author of four bestselling novels and two newly release novel.I am published under Anointed Inspirations Publishing. I live in Bryan, Texas with my husband and four children. My goal is to inspire the youth as well as adults with my inspirational stories. My passion for inspirational stories is what drives my pen and my love for God keeps me going. My prayer is that God blesses me to help others with the stories that I writes. I dream that one day God blesses me see my work turned into a stage play or movie for people all over the world to enjoy.

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