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  • Title: I Am Enough: 90 Days of Spiritual Nuggets to Recognize and Embrace Your Authentic Self
  • Authors: Harold Leffall Jr
  • Genre: Motivational, Self-Help
  • Length: 192 pages
  • Publisher: Zaire Publishing
  • Publication Date: January 9, 2018

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I AM ENOUGH answers everything. Every doubt, every fear, and every insecurity is answered. Overcome anxiety and depression Build self confidence and self-esteem Break self defeating habits Be Your Best Self Now!

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About the Author

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Harold Leffall is an empowerment strategist, author, speaker and entrepreneur. It was in 1996, when going against conventional wisdom, Harold took a leap of faith and pursued his childhood dream of starting his own business. Not less than a year after starting his business, Leffall Employment Agency, he was forced to file bankruptcy and lost his home in the process when the business failed to generate even enough sales. Though he was bankrupted financially, his spirit to succeed and persevere were intensified. That experience along with some other valuable lessons learned along the way, allowed him to rebound from those setbacks, and grow his business to a multi-million dollar enterprise. In 2006, he started a nonprofit staffing firm with the mission of providing employment opportunities to individuals transitioning out of homelessness.

Harold has traveled all over sharing his message of perseverance and success in workshops and seminars, and previously hosted the popular radio talk show “Faith & Business.” He has appeared in Black Enterprise, Essence and Entrepreneur magazines. He has also written numerous articles for several national publications, including NV Magazine and has been featured on the television program “Making It” as well as “National Public Radio”.

Harold has an M.A. in management and a B.A. in political science. He is also an Adjunct Professor.

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