A Vested Interest – Immortality Gene

Silver, Mystery, Science Fiction, Suspense, Thriller

A Vested Interest – Immortality Gene

Medical Mystery Stories Sci Fi Techno Thriller

  • Title: A Vested Interest – Immortality Gene
  • Author: John Chapman, Shelia Chapman
  • Genre: Science Fiction, Mystery, Thriller, Suspense
  • Length: 494 pages
  • Publisher: JayDax
  • Publication Date: November 29, 2013

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Immortality Gene

A Vested Interest – Immortality Gene – Synopsis

Genetic Engineers Best Techno Thriller Series

You fear pandemics? What if the elixir of eternal life turns out to be a virus that grants you immortality? The earth needs immortal humans–It’s the only way to save all life from an apocalypse which no survivalist can prepare for. Immortality is an essential part of the plan to avoid this ultimate disaster.

Book one of the series tells how three genetic engineers came to develop a cure for death – the Immortality Gene.

Of course there’s more to immortality than a simple medical mystery. In the story you’ll find romance, the mystery of a secret organisation ruling the world, high technology, greed, power struggles, hidden places and murder. It follows the fortunes of a genetic engineer who flees a dying maniac trying to kill her.

Book two of the series is ‘Dark Secrets

The Series Immortality Gene sets the scene for an extended series of books which might be described as romantic thrillers, but could also be technothrillers, science fiction, genetic engineering or paranormal romance. It features a love triangle, psychics, telepathy, doctors and nurses, genetic engineering, murder and mystery. It’s set in this century and features real technology being developed now – and that includes immortality!

It’s long. It’s involved, and this first book is at a bargain price!

A top technothriller for five years – 68,000 downloads! Edition 1.5.8 Revised May 2015

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About the Author

Authors John Chapman -Shelia Chapman

John Chapman co-authors the successful ‘A Vested Interest’ romantic technothriller series with his wife Shelia.

Born in Newcastle on Tyne, England John lead a pretty boring early life. He lived in a Buddhist monastery, a civilized place with no electricity, no phone, no flush toilet, stone slab floors and a water supply which ran down a field in an open ditch. When he was sent to boarding school he accidentally set fire to it. He became a chemistry teacher but was frustrated by not being allowed to do all the interesting experiments. He changed to teaching computers in the early 80s and was delighted to find they would do exactly what they were told (unlike his pupils.)

He met his wife Shelia in an Internet chat room in 1997 – see it does work sometimes! They had problems with UK and US immigration departments and spent three years as illegal immigrants in Canada where they earned a living designing web pages. That was followed by six years of teaching in London before returning to the North to pursue a career in writing.

So what are the books about?
The A Vested Interest series is based on the need for mankind to move outward from the Earth if we are to survive as a species. At our current level of technology that’s actually possible but two things need to be changed. First, we need to extend human lifespan dramatically. Using genetic technology that really is possible! The first person to live to 1,000 is probably alive now. Second, we need to stop squandering our resources and efforts on fighting and killing each other. The Earth’s population as a whole don’t actually want to do this. In the series we postulate that a secret organisation of powerful people are the cause of much of the strife. This cabal control governments and make more money by having the world at war. A Vested Interest suggests that the only way to turn things around is to have a more profitable enterprise for this ‘Order’ to turn their efforts towards. The drive into Space to escape a doomsday threat is that better alternative.

John also writes ‘how to’ books including ‘An Illustrated Guide to Getting Published’ and the odd short story.

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