Kimiya’s Quest

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    • Title: Kimiya’s Quest
    • Author: Usha Mullan
    • Genre: Spiritual, Supernatural
    • Length: 120 pages
  • Publisher: Balboa Press
  • Publication Date: October 20, 2017

Kimiya’s Quest – Synopsis

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Kimiya was born in India, but from a young age, she felt as though she didnt belong. Some of her earliest memories were premonitions of trivial events that may have had to do with past lives. For a young girl, it was bewildering to consider the possibility of living in different worlds or dimensions simultaneously to move back and forth in time and see and hear what others could not.

She was locked in a stillness of knowing and yet not knowing and grew accustomed to living in silence with her ghosts, some harmless, some malicious. It was only when she came to realize that she was not alone, that her experiences were not unique, that she decided to talk about her special gift.

She began to mentally replay her life, recollecting her experiences of slipping in and out of her body, weaving in and out of time. She recalled premonitions, astral travel, swirling from planet to planet, and other inexplicable events, to the point where she began to doubt her sanity.

Kimiya’s Quest is a personal story of a spiritual journey including out-of-body experiences, teleportation, spirit guide contact and time travel. The author brilliantly combines East Indian theology with quantum physics to understand this series of experiences.

I highly recommend this book.

Dr. Bruce Goldberg,
Author of Exploring the Fifth Dimension

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About the Author

Usha Mullan pic

Usha Mullan graduated from the British Academy of Graphology in 1988. Since then she has focused her energy on research into graphology and related subjects. Her interest in children’s writings led her to monitor a class of pupils for a period of six years observing the development of nine year olds into adolescence, through the analysis of their writing and drawings.

During a visit to New York, she came across a book on the Enneagram and felt instinctively that the personality types described by this ancient typology could correlate with handwriting. This would have the advantage of identifying an individual’s Enneagram “Type” more objectively than the conventional questionnaire method, which was subjective and prone to inaccuracy.

The correlation took more than six years of dedicated research to establish. The results are contained in three groundbreaking books entitled, “Graphology and the Enneagram” published by Scriptor Books (an imprint of the British Academy of Graphology).

Usha Mullan’s other interest is the analysis of projective drawings, especially Trees. Over the past fifteen years she has collated a huge collection of sample drawings across all age groups and of people from different countries and walks of life; her analysis and her findings of this extraordinary material were published in November 2014.

Usha Mullan was born and brought up in Dehra Dun, a small town at the foothills of the Himalayas, in northern India, although since 1978 she has lived in the United Kingdom. Her main interests are travel and music. In the mid 1990s, she took a four-year break from research to open a restaurant in central London. She has also spent several years tracing her family history dating back to the early Aryans and the findings are published in “Kalsia: Myth, Legend, History“.

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