Krispy Kritter: A book about Teasing

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  • Title: Krispy Kritter: A book about Teasing
  • Author: Robert D. Broughton
  • Genre: NonFiction
  • Length: 42 pages
  • Cover Designer/Illustrator: Kira Westland
  • Publication Date: May, 2011

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Krispy Kritter: A book about Teasing


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This book is a tool to help children find resolve with their peers when they are being teased or bullied. It is designed to promote critical thinking, problem solving, and the importance of communicating with responsible adults. Children must learn to solve their problems with a different way of thinking, instead of the same kind of thinking that is creating the problem. It is adequate for ages K-8, teaches I -Messages and dealing with physical issues.

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About the Author

Robert D. Broughton

Robert Broughton, is a school counselor and semi-professional macro photographer. Specializing in behavior management and bullying, he authored a book based on a real story of a 6 year old girl being burnt 65% body and her journey through school being bullied and teased.

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1 Comment
  1. This author actually spends his spare time bullying people and saying awful things online to others (political discussions). It’s odd behavior for someone that is supposedly a guidance counselor and anti-bullying. I guess we all have our pastimes, but after the things I read that have been shared on Twitter and Facebook I will not be purchasing the book.