Coming Of Age Journey Historical Novel

  • Title: Lilly’s Journey
  • Author: Cheryl Anita Lewis
  • Genre: Historical, African American
  • Length: 160 pages
  • Publication Date: July 20, 2018
  • Publisher: iUniverse

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Lilly’s Journey – Synopsis

Young African American Female Historical Novel

It is the summer of 1949 when nine-year-old Lilly Browns teenage cousin, Rosalie, romps into her life from the big city of Chicago and crowds her way into the little sharecropper shack Lilly shares with her younger sister, mother, and elderly grandparents in the backwoods of Georgia. Lilly is dismayed that Rosalie has disrupted her household, and Rosalie is less than thrilled with the new home she must share with her sharecropper relatives.

Rosalie, who is all sass and bold as a lion, brings attitude to the familys small corner of the world. While she tells tales of her antics in the big city, Lilly hangs on to Rosalies every word and soon begins to dream of a better life that does not include picking cotton in the hot sun or sporadically attending school. But as Lillys coming-of-age journey eventually leads her to migrate north to Buffalo with her family, she quickly discovers that with every dream comes a struggle to make it come true.

In this historical novel, a young African American woman migrates from Georgia to Buffalo, where she must battle seemingly insurmountable odds to make a better life for herself and her family.

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About the Author

Author Cheryl Anita Lewis

I was born in Buffalo, New York, in August of 1959. My family lived a short distance from the large, downtown public library. I loved walking, or riding my bike to the library with my older sister, and our friends. I’m sure I read other books at the library, but the only one that I can remember is one of my all-time favorites: Lois Lenski’s “Mama Hattie’s Girl.”

As a young teenager, I decided that I wanted to become a writer. However, writing was a dreamed deferred by the responsibilities of marriage, raising a family, and working as a medical secretary. Now that I am no longer working, I have no more excuses not to satisfy that desire that was planted in my heart so many years ago.

I did not intend to write children’s books, but it only makes sense that I would because I have a heart for children and have always encouraged youngsters to read.

Lilly’s Journey is my first adult novel, and I am presently working on the sequel.

As for Wendy, there is more to come!

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Lillys Journey

Lilly’s Journey - It is the summer of 1949 when nine-year-old Lilly Browns teenage cousin, Rosalie, romps into her life from the big city of

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