Liquid Hitler

Beyond Our Reality Psychoactive Drugs

  • Title: Liquid Hitler (1001 Book 11)
  • Author: S L Koch
  • Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Suspense, Horror, Occult
  • Length: 99 pages
  • Publisher: As If Productions
  • Publication Date: July 11, 2015

Liquid Hitler (1001 Book 11) – Synopsis

Anti-fascist And Anarchist All Demonic Creatures


Austin Peck is a jacked-up super-cop who shot to the top of the precinct at a young age. But Austin’s got a secret: he’s tapped into worlds beyond our reality, driven by psychoactive drugs that allow him to mentally sort through infinite timeline variables, future and past, to solve crimes no one else can.

Except this crime is different: vile qlippothic entities from outside time and space are bleeding pure malevolence into our world, and the conspiracies run deep. Anyone he meets may already be compromised, turned into the servants of dark gods from beyond, and demonic forces lurk everywhere.

Austin will find himself pitted against fellow officers, secret societies, mad cultists, and a growing band of psychotic insta-racists, while dark forces mess with his mind and drudge up the dead-named dysphoria of his childhood.

Luckily he’s got allies: The manifestation of information itself in the form of an urbane accountant, a magic kid who is every kid from every television commercial ever, and the Bombers, a group of hyper-queer anti-fascist anarchists set to burn civilization to the ground.

Along the way he’ll deal with Egyptian gods, psychotic comedians, resurrected celebrities, and legions of demonic creatures from other realities. What price will Austin pay to save the world?

LIQUID HITLER is a strange occult crime story, running on desperate fumes and drugs as it spirals out of control into madness.

Can you fight Liquid Hitler?

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About the Author

Author S L Koch

S L Koch is an eccentric writer who cannot stay to one genre. Currently living in Reno Nevada, S L is trying to make writing a full time career.
Note: All titles have been pulled down to be retooled, repackaged, and prepped for 2015. This year will see a much more aggressive publishing track.
Keep them eyes peeled.

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