Malicious Intent

Life And Death Ebook

  • Title: Malicious Intent (The Bastian Sagas)
  • Author: Lauren Ipsome
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Science Fiction
  • Length: 457 pages
  • Publication Date: December 2, 2018

Malicious Intent – Synopsis

Brutal Attack Death Of Twin Sister

Sasha barely survived the brutal ambush attack of a rogue thief late night on the beach of her island home. Her twin sister was not so lucky. Heart and body broken, Sasha took the only option she felt she could: to wait only long enough to heal before she headed to the Mainland to train as a Mercenary and hunt down the man who murdered her sister.

As the years passed however, Sasha began to realize that fulfilling her vengeance was going to be more difficult than she had expected, and while the bounties piled up, she became increasingly aware that she may never find the man who so callously slaughtered her twin and that her justice may never be served at the end of her blade. The life of a solitary Mercenary wandering the Mainland from one bounty to the next was often lonely and generally tediously, wretchedly dull between bouts of intense life-and-death excitement. But only her own pending death would stop her from taking down the next rogue on her ever-present drive to fulfill not just her vengeance, but her very fate.

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About the Author

Author Lauren Ipsome

Lauren grew up in Southern California back when strawberry fields and orange groves were still abundant and there was ample parking at Disneyland. Initially a visual artist, she started writing in high school but it wasn’t until her first year of college that she had her first published work in the Library of Congress. In college she worked as editor on the school’s annual anthology of Art and Literature magazine and later graduated on the Dean’s List. She continues to chip away at her novel writing while also continuing to write poetry and shorter prose pieces while also playing ‘mom’ to her host of ‘death-row doggies.’

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