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  • Title: Market Like You Mean It!
    51 Marketing Secrets From The Rich and Powerful
  • Author: Dan Crider
  • Genre: Money / Business
  • Length: 153 pages
  • Publication Date: May 18, 2014


This book that you hold in your hands is more of that indisputable proof. So, if you are willing to read this book with pen and paper in hand, while keeping an open mind, then a business-changing revelation is exactly what you will experience today. Not only will you will find yourself believing in your business again, but you will reawaken the excitement and joy you felt years ago when you first realized that having your own business could provide you with the freedom to create your own life and future.

Now, I realize that I am making a big claim, but as you turn the pages of this book, you will see for yourself that these proven success strategies really can increase your profits. In fact, the strategies in this book are quietly being used by successful businesses all over the nation to make them large fortunes. The real tragedy is that most business owners are too stuck in their old and unprofitable ways to embrace the changes in the marketplace that lead to real profits.

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About the Author

Dan Crider

Dan Crider is an author, consultant and entrepreneur and has written extensively about the subjects of marketing and business-building. In his books, workshops and seminars he teaches business owners how to dramatically increase leads, prospects and profits while minimizing their marketing expenses.

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