Mastering Heuristics Series

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  • Title: Mastering Heuristics Series
  • Authors: Sunny Tan
  • Genre: Education
  • Publisher: Maths Heuristics
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Mastering Heuristics Series

Mastering Heuristics Series – Synopsis

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The “Mastering Heuristics Series” is authored by our founder Sunny Tan. These best-selling titles lay out the explanations for heuristics application so that parents can understand and, in turn, teach their children.

Unit Transfer Method (Primary 4)

Getting comfortable with heuristics techniques at Primary 4 determines how well children apply heuristics in mathematical problem-solving at Primary 5 and 6. Unit Transfer Method is a great way to start children off on heuristics. The steps are simple and logical, yet powerful in solving challenging questions involving Whole Number, Fraction and Decimal. Give your child a headstart with Unit Transfer Method! (Primary 4).

Unit Transfer Method (Primary 5/6)

In this book, Sunny Tan will introduce to you simple, logical and yet powerful Unit Transfer Method to solve 90% of the Challenging Problems involving 5 main PSLE topics: Whole Number, Fraction, Decimal, Percentage and Ratio.

Start reading now and soon your child could be saying “Problem Solved!”

Unit Transfer Method for Challenging Problems in Speed & Rate (Primary 6/GEP/SMO)

PSLE Speed and Rate problems have been known to stump top Maths students and even educators themselves. Author Sunny Tan’s systematic and strong Unit Transfer Method in Speed and Rate teaches the effective use of ratio to analyse and solve these challenging PSLE questions. Help your child breeze through PSLE questions on Speed and Rate – with increased speed!

Model Approach to Problem-solving (Primary 5/6)

The ability to visualize a problem goes a long way to solving it. The Model Approach to Problem-solving was borne out of this fact. Use drawings (models) in visualizing a problem. Go beyond conventional models and solve challenging problems fast with highly-efficient techniques like Stack Model and Split Model.

Spatial Visualisation for Challenging Problems in Area & Perimeter (Primary 5/6)

To solve challenging problems in Area & Perimeter, pupils must mentally “see” and manipulate one or more shapes or objects without the aid of physical materials – Spatial Visualization. This guide book teaches the use of visualization techniques to effectively analyse, manipulate and solve challenging problems in Area & Perimeter.

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About the Author

Author Sunny Tan

Sunny Tan currently trains students in the application of various heuristics concepts, with special focus on students in their critical year – the PSLE year. He also conducts heuristics workshops for parents and educators.

For over 10 years in the 90s, NIE-trained Sunny taught primary and secondary maths in various streams. He observed how the transformed primary maths syllabus stumped children, parents and, sometimes, even teachers. How do you teach young children to accurately choose and sequentially apply different situational logic in solving non-routine problems? Sunny resolved to simplify the learning and application of such skills. Through years of research and development, Sunny eventually established the mathsHeuristics™ programme. Result -oriented research has since proven the consistent effectiveness of the mathsHeuristics™ programme.

Sunny’s ingenious methodology has attracted much media interest – The Straits Times, The Business Times, TODAY,
FM938LIVE and a variety of parenting magazines, including ParentsWorld, Wawa Magazine,, Absolutely Parents, The Singapore’s Child, Today’s Parents.

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