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Mindset of Success

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  • Title: Mindset of Success –
    How Highly Successful People Think about Goal Setting –
    Learning from Famous Quotes to Plan Your Life like a Millionaire
  • Author: Patrick Rahn
  • Genre: Business / Spiritual
  • Length: 90 pages
  • Publication Date: January 6, 2016

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Do You Know the Five Step Process for Turning Your Dreams Into Reality?

Many of us are constantly trying to unlock the secrets of success. But, most of the time we are looking in all the wrong places. There are thousands of successful people in all walks of life.
People who have figured out exactly what it takes to transform ideas into wealth and achievement. Author Patrick Rahn has examined the life and teachings of some of the most successful people and discovered they all use a similar five step process.

This book will take you step by step through the same process everyone from Oprah, Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy to Michael Jordan has used to reach the tops of their fields. Along the way you will develop important success building skills.

You will also see how successful people have applied these same lessons in their own lives.

Inside this book you will learn:

  • The power of proper goal setting
  • How to set yourself up for success before you even get started
  • What it takes to become a problem solving genius
  • How to select the right goal for you
  • The best way to develop an action plan
  • How to get from planning to action
  • And Much More

If you are ready to make a change in your life and leave frustration and failure behind, you need this book right away. The sooner you start applying the principles of Mindset of Success in your own life, the sooner you will finally find the success you have always dreamed of.

Don’t Waste Another Second. Get Your Copy of This Book Right Now.

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About the Author

Patrick Rahn

My name is Patrick Rahn and like most people out there, I have tried my hand in a number of occupations.

However, over the years, I have taken on challenges in real estate, stock markets and internet entrepreneur. I’m also a renowned world traveler. Great for a kid that grew up knowing zilch about what he wanted, If I do say so myself.

I come from a school of thought where financial freedom and self-actualization is everything, and I firmly believe in the power of personal development. Over the years, I have seen my goals come true, and the things I have always dreamt of as a kid have come to fruition, even if that took some fumbling and groping in the dark. I have tried the stock market, seen the world, and watched as my investments bore fruit(with a certain degree of satisfaction, I might add-because I’m never satisfied by the bare minimum of my efforts).

In a nutshell, I have seen it all, and I want to help other like-minded people to follow the path I did and seek to fulfill their dreams. I can tell you with a certain degree of authority that we are the sum total of our dreams-we are nothing without the things we believe in, and unless we pursue what we want, our lives become dull and void.

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