Out of Darkness: War of the Sisters

Silver, Fantasy, Science Fiction

Out of Darkness: War of the Sisters

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  • Title: Out of Darkness (War of the Sisters Book 1)
  • Authors: AmberJade McCracken
  • Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy
  • Length: 252 pages
  • Publication Date: February 12, 2018


Out of Darkness (War of the Sisters) cover

Lilith, light and ice; Asherah, darkness and fire.
Together they created the Earth and all its inhabitants, and together they slept.
Apart they may destroy it all.

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About the Author

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AmberJade is an author who lives in Alabama, but grew up in and around Texas. She likes reading and writing fantasy, playing video games, and playing fetch with her cat, Zelda. AmberJade has one book available on Amazon and is currently working on the next in the War of the Sisters, Out of Light.

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