Police Need Help Too

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Police Need Help Too

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  • Title: Police Need Help Too
  • Author: Eric Quarles, Ph.D.
  • Genre: Sociology
  • Length: 104 pages
  • Publication Date: October 11, 2017

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Police Need Help Too


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There is more to policing than the flashes seen on the news, but interestingly enough, this book focuses on just that. This book helps to address key factors to why there is a disconnect between police and the communities they serve. The aim is to nurture and influence change within the relationship. The relationship between police and communities could be limitless if each stakeholder has a willingness to learn- when, what, and how to bridge the gap.

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Dr. Quarles brings a wealth of experience serving in the law enforcement community for the past 18 years. Dr. Quarles’ academic specialization focuses on Leadership and Criminal Justice. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice, a Master of Science in Administration degree in Leadership, and a Ph.D. in Public Policy and Administration.

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