Preparing to Conquer the COVID Crash

Preparing to Conquer the COVID Crash

Preparing to Conquer the COVID Crash - Preparing For Economic Recession

  • Title: Preparing to Conquer the COVID Crash: A functional guide for a dysfunctional financial world
  • Authors: Dustin C. Weihs & Sahar Modirzadeh
  • Genre: Business, Money, Personal Finance, Self Help, Short Reads
  • Length: 91 pages
  • Publication Date: March 29, 2020

Preparing to Conquer the COVID Crash – Synopsis

Preparing to Conquer the COVID Crash - Economic Recovery Strategies

Preparing to Conquer the COVID Crash is a simple and to the point guide for preparing yourself for the recession that we face in the current global environment. We take a little light hearted banter, fun metaphors, and meaningful motivation mixed with years of financial and business experience to accomplish a few simple goals:

  1. To help you assess your current position.
  2. To help you develop goals and a plan to navigate the most challenging economic time that many of us will have faced so far in our lives.
  3. To provide some basic budgeting concepts, debt control strategies, and short-term financial planning strategies that are manageable and flexible in the changing world we live in.
  4. The last portion of this book will touch on some longer-term financial planning and economic recovery strategies to help influence global economic growth and recovery. Responsible spending is critical for small business survival.

We are part of this global crisis and global community so the ultimate goal is to help people reduce stress, weather the coming storm, and come out as whole as possible on the other side. This will benefit people worldwide and help us all to a speedy recovery.

Thank you for your interest in our book and we look forward to helping as much as possible!

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About The Authors

Preparing to Conquer the COVID Crash - Global Economic Recovery 2020

Dustin Weihs is a Doctor of Business Administration from Capella University, specializing in Finance. His doctoral dissertation research looked at the growth of alternative financing options to small businesses during the post-2008 recession period. Dustin currently teaches Finance, Accounting, and other business courses at both Durham College of Applied Arts and Technology and Trent University in Ontario, Canada. Before moving to Canada from the United States, Dustin spent nearly 14 years in various Financial Services and Business Management roles, including Branch Management, Client Relations, Credit Analysis, Consumer and Small Business Lending.

Preparing to Conquer the COVID Crash - Small Business Survival

Sahar Modirzadeh holds a Master of Business Administration Degree from Universiti Putra Malaysia specializing in Finance.

Before immigrating to Canada, she worked nearly 8 years in management roles spanning procurement, purchasing, and commodities exchange for a large multinational company in Iran, dealing with small and medium sized businesses and supply chains in Europe, Asia, South America, and North Africa.

On The Budget Doctor website, Sahar brings big businesses impact on personal finances into perspective. She also highlights the importance of working with small and medium sized businesses in a recession economy… a kind of the Social Media mastermind of the operations.

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