Producing Books for Growing Sales

PREPARE! PUBLISH! PROMOTE! Book 1: Producing Books for Growing Sales

PREPARE! PUBLISH! PROMOTE! Book 1: Producing Books for Growing Sales

Book Details

  • Title: Producing Books for Growing Sales (Book 1)
  • Author: Dr. Gary Webb
  • Genre: Nonfiction Writing
  • Format: Kindle
  • Length: 120 pages
  • Publication Date: March, 2015
  • Publisher: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
  • Amazon Rating: #1 in Nonfiction Writing


Producing Books for Growing Sales cover

This is the first in a 3-part series dealing with self-publishing for growing sales. This first book focusing on producing quality content that is focused on the interests of prospective readers. It teaches how to use online and desktop tools to identify the best niche, topic, and title for your book. Then, it introduces a methodology for researching and organizing content within each chapter, as well as enhancing author productivity. Future books will deal with publishing your books with sales and ranking in mind, then moving to marketing your book for the greatest return on investment. Book promotion will be for those who have limited resources to promote, but will also include references for those who have the means to finance more intense marketing campaigns.

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About the Author

Dr. Gary Webb

Dr. Gary Webb has filled his life with variety and opportunities for personal growth and the enrichment of others. He is a graduate of four universities and seminaries. He is retired from service in the U.S. Navy and from full-time pastoral ministry. In those roles, he has counseled with hundreds of people concerning personal finances and substance abuse, marriage and parenting, career guidance and spiritual growth. His wife Jane experienced a traumatic automobile accident in 2008, giving them tremendous life challenges that continue to this day. The accident also produced greater insight into the problems faced by so many families as they address health and fitness issues. Recently, after having lost over 50 pounds of weight himself, Gary published his fourth book, A Quick Look at Weight Loss. He has also written Free Indeed: A Devotional for Saints Who Still Struggle with Sin, and Your 5 Keys to Keeping the Weight Off. His best selling book You Can Be Debt Free flows directly from his experience helping young couples to gain financial freedom during the recent economic recession. Gary enjoys walking and jogging, fishing, and learning everything he can about books and publishing. He and his wife Jane enjoy taking long cruises in the Caribbean.

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