Return of the English Bulldog

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  • Title: Return of the English Bulldog:
    What Brings Sir Winston Back… after 50 Years Dead?
  • Author: Dorothy McCoy
  • Genre: International Mystery & Crime, Espionage, Mystery,
    Thriller & Suspense, Historical Fiction, Literature & Fiction
  • Length: 225 pages
  • Publisher: The Ishmael Tree
  • Publication Date: December 6, 2016

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Return of the English Bulldog: What Brings Sir Winston Back… after 50 Years Dead?


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From a dark London alley, to the glamorous Savoy, to the peaks of Austria, Sir Winston pursues unimaginable evil. Humanity is in grave danger from a group of malevolent scientists. They are working tirelessly in a dark, damp laboratory in Whitechapel. The clock is ticking madly and Sir Winston, Dr. Einstein, a handsome MI5 agent and a mysterious Great Dane have returned after 50 years of dead to save mankind one more time. The perverted, mad scientists including SS physician, Dr. Josef Mengele, are equally determined to complete their task to recreate the Nazi Empire and its most pathological fanatics. An old message bag stored since WWII contains the secret Sir Winston needs to defeat this formidable enemy. One name is written on that message bag, it brings chills to Winston and his team when they read that hated name. If Sir Winston fails, civilization is doomed.

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About the Author

Dorothy McCoy

Dr. McCoy has written five counseling related books about relationships, anxiety, and personality. This is her first novel. She was a State Constable in South Carolina, a senior instructor at the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy, volunteered in a cold case squad, and is a Captain in the South Carolina State Guard. Her interests in mysteries, psychology, and Sir Winston Churchill came together in writing Return of the English Bulldog. She is in private practice in South Carolina. She is a popular speaker at conferences on The Dark Triad (psychopaths, narcissists, and Machiavellians). Dr. McCoy is busy working on the next book in the English Bulldog series. She so missed her characters.

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