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  • Title: Sai’s Transcendence
  • Author: Frank Vu
  • Genre: Occult, Post-Apocalyptic, Science Fiction, Horror, Fantasy
  • Length: 106 pages
  • Publication Date: August 18, 2017


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Thirteen thousand years ago, an advanced civilization existed that could do things with their minds that no civilization has done since. This civilization was almost wiped out and was able to not only survive, but also nudge Earth’s evolution forward and leave warning messages about a future disaster similar to theirs.

Only now, in our time, is the world starting to discover some of those ancient messages. In the near future, a serial killer and a reclusive monk will be on a path that will give birth to sentient artificial intelligence in the hopes of saving the Earth from the coming disaster….

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About The Author

Frank Vu worked at the Mauna Kea observatory in Hawaii for years before discovering an unmapped asteroid and becoming an author. He enjoys traveling, watching documentary films and meditation. This is his first book. He is not married, but will soon be traveling to Tibet to study Buddhism.

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