See Me

Silver, Erotica, Romance

See Me

Tale Of Awakening Fear And Insecurity

  • Title: See Me (Book One: To Love a Woman)
  • Author: Tory Jane
  • Genre: Romance, Erotica
  • Length: 518 pages
  • Publication Date: December 4, 2018

See Me – Synopsis

Disastrous Dates Desire To Come True Intimacy And Passion

I want you to find me in a crowd of people and kiss me. I want you to really see me, look into my eyes and see ME. Then I want the hottest, most erotic kiss you’ve ever given.

So begins this modern day tale of awakening, self-discovery, friendship, desire and ultimately, love.

Julia, beautiful, graceful, stylish and successful, feels invisible. She sees others, but cannot see herself. Always the “good girl”, she has spent thirty-six years trying to please others.

Since her divorce five years ago, she has built a successful career and established a secure life for herself. Still, she is plagued by fear and insecurity. A creature of routine, she prefers order, control, and a neat and tidy life.

Dating is a new adventure, but she repeatedly settles for men who do nothing for her. She feels no desire; she never really has and doesn’t understand why it’s such a big deal. She doesn’t even ask herself whether she likes her dates. She’s polite, she gives, she asks nothing in return. That would be rude, wouldn’t it? She claims all she wants is a nice guy who will hold her hand, ask about her day and take her to the movies. But she senses she is missing something.

Peter, a sexy artist, who has lost himself and sacrificed his vision and love of art in a previous relationship, has vowed never to allow a woman to interfere with his true passion again. The past four years he has been rebuilding his career and reputation. Women are a pleasurable aside. They serve a purpose, but he denies them entry into his world, his life, even his apartment. Hey, at least he’s honest and warns them that he is not interested in a relationship.

At his favorite cafe, he senses Julia before he sees her. She fascinates him. Her voice alone arouses him. He watches her with her friends at a nearby table. She’s too prim and proper, remote, and unattainable. She would never get down and dirty with a guy like him. Still….

Their eyes meet over coffee. They recognize each other and recall a previous attraction. Peter joins her uninvited, startling her. Wary of him, he is the type of man to whom she is attracted, but has always avoided. She imagines he’s a player. Dangerously sexy, he threatens to upend her perfectly controlled world.

As they spend an afternoon laughing over stories of her disastrous dates, they surprise each other. He is warm, funny, kind and supportive. He challenges her, intrigues her and comforts her. She is warm, funny, bawdy and sexy as hell. They are undeniably drawn to each other.

When he learns that she never asks for what she wants, and has never been satisfied by the losers she’s dated, he devises a plan. He may not be her type, but he wants her for himself for as long as she’ll have him. He dares her, “be with me”. He proposes thirty days of desire during which she must ask him to satisfy a fantasy every day; they must be honest, communicate and completely open with one another. If she agrees, he will make her every desire come true. His words cause Julia to feel that spark she’s heard so much about and she wants more.

From the first kiss, they both walk away startled by the revelation that each have finally experienced true desire. They have been seen and desired for their true selves. There is no turning back. They discover an intimacy and passion that take them to places they didn’t know existed or were possible.

Challenges come from outside sources and their own fears and doubts. To fight for what they’ve found, they must learn to accept and love themselves and to be completely open and vulnerable. Each must overcome fear and the instinct to run. It is only when they strip away the facades, the fears, and let go of their pasts that they can move forward. They open their eyes and see themselves and each other; trust, desire and love bloom and their lives are irrevocably entwined.

Book One of the series: To Love a Woman

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