Seeking Glory

Successful Business Woman Helping A Selectively Mute Child

  • Title: Seeking Glory: A Novel about Relationships, Loss, and Finding Your Way Home
  • Author: Patricia Hamilton Shook
  • Genre: Women’s Literature, Fiction
  • Length: 264 pages
  • Publisher: Outskirts Press
  • Publication Date: August 25, 2018

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Seeking Glory: A Novel About Relationships, Loss, and Finding Your Way Home

Seeking Glory – Synopsis

Compelling Story Helping A Selectively Mute Child

Kate LaRue is a divorced, successful businesswoman who assumes custody of her four-year-old granddaughter, Glory, after the death of her long-missing daughter, Allison. Soon, Kate discovers that Glory is selectively mute and seemingly traumatized. To help her, Kate must try to solve the mystery of what happened to both her granddaughter and her daughter. In the end, Kate’s efforts to find the answers to her questions lead to some unexpected, and unwanted, conclusions.

Patricia Hamilton Shook’s Seeking Glory: A Novel about Relationships, Loss, and Finding Your Way Home is a compelling story layered with themes centered around relationships, the delicate balance between work and the demands imposed by personal life, combined with a desire for spiritual understanding. Informed by Dr. Shook’s background as a psychologist and her love for Cape Cod, where Seeking Glory is primarily set, the novel is a warm exploration of the connections that exist between heart, mind, and soul.

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About the Author

Author Patricia Hamilton Shook

Patricia Hamilton Shook was born in Massachusetts, where she has lived most of her life. As a psychologist, she combines her professional expertise with an interest in spirituality and mysteries–along with a love of Cape Cod that dates back to childhood–to inform her debut novel, Seeking Glory.

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