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  • Title: Step Into Your Glorious Future
  • Authors: Marko Gittens
  • Genre: Inspirational, Self-Help
  • Length: To be determined
  • Publication Date: February, 2018
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Train ‘Em Up (Money, Education, Travel, Volunteering, Relationships, Career)


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When forced to make decisions about his future, Author Marko Gittens was terrified when asked what’s your plan? His awareness level when it came to planning for college, financial literacy and career planning were inconsequential. Through grace, hard work and service, his commission as a father, husband and volunteer propelled his and other children to heights he didn’t envision for himself. His strategic mindset can be attributed to the military and civilian experiences he’s had in areas related to travel, finances, education, personal and spiritual growth and more. Step Into Your Glorious Future brings a riveting resolve to the woes of life that is sequenced in a process that hold’s one’s attention while exploring the necessities of practical living. This book packs a punch and he doesn’t hold anything back!

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This book speaks to Marko’s passion for collaborating with parents and community leaders in training up our children. For over 20 years he served our country as a military officer in the U.S. Army. He’s volunteered throughout the U.S. and Europe as a Big Brother, high school mentor, financial workshop facilitator, youth coach, church volunteer and more. He is a college graduate, business owner, and investor who shares his passionate message of empowerment through continuous education, financial literacy, spiritual growth and service to those he serves. His favorites: team-NY Giants, Artist-Mahalia Jackson, Character-Columbo, Series: Combat, Sport- Golf, Trip- Paris, Food: Too many to list.

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