Strengths of a Man

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  • Title: Strengths of a Man
  • Author: Kendale Nation
  • Genre: Self Help (Spiritual)
  • Length: 151 pages
  • Publication Date: September 29, 2015
  • Cover Design: Page Publishing Inc.
  • Publisher: Page Publishing Inc.

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Strengths of a Man

God’s Grace has allowed me, Kendale L. Nation to write Strengths of a Man, a book for today’s male which provides guidance and direction in the areas of our lives that are important for survival in today’s world. Everything from putting GOD first, dressing properly, respecting women, and respecting ourselves, this book will definitely awaken the consciousness of reality that so many of us males have lost throughout the years. This is a must read for the younger, middle aged, and older males of today’s society. “MEN,” it’s time we get a handle on what’s important in life, and not be misguided by the ways of the world. This book will definitely point us in the right direction and give us “Ready to Use” insight on how to be the real men that GOD intends for us to be. May GOD bless all who read this book, Strengths of a Man.

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Kendale Nation

Kendale Nation, is a Christian, husband, father, humanitarian, devoted writer and author. His wife is Latonya Nation, has 2 children and 5 stepsons. Kendale currently reside in Milwaukee Wisconsin. He has a great passion to help the lives of men become the men that GOD wants for us. Kendale is a child of the most high GOD.

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