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  • Title: Sudoku 200: 200 Level 1 Logic Puzzles (Volume 1)
  • Author: Mason Bencomo
  • Genre: Puzzles, Games
  • Length: 142 pages
  • Publication Date: September 19, 2017

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Sudoku 200: 200 Level 1 Logic Puzzles (Volume 1)


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Fun, Fun, Fun until your daddy takes your pencil away !”

I added a little Sudoku twist to the great lyrics from the Beach Boys’ classic “Fun, Fun, Fun”. Sudoku can be played for hours and hours almost anywhere.

This book of 200 Easy puzzles was created for the puzzlers of all ages. Geared toward the beginner player these puzzles will still offer the more advanced Sudoku player some challenges and a refresher.

With Sudoku you can enrich your life, and exercise your mind. Brain food that is fun.

Each puzzle in this book has a corresponding solution that has been provided for you.

So what do you say, grab that pen (I would be impressed) or pencil and get started NOW !!

So hit that buy button and add this title to your cart.

Enjoy !

  • Easy = Level 1, 2
  • Medium = Level 3, 4, 5
  • Hard = Level 6, 7
  • Very Hard = Level 8, 9, 10

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About The Author

Mason Bencomo

As a kid, I loved puzzles, games, coloring and spending time with my siblings playing these games. You know what I am talking about J we would play and color for hours, never running out of games to play especially when either we were at my cousins house or they were at mine. It didn’t matter, we had a great time playing. We would even get mad when we had to come inside for dinner. As an adult we help our kids, nieces and nephews when they are young color in their color books, solve puzzles; crossword, jigsaw, memory games. You name we are there helping them and seeing that they learn the proper way to play. So these memories are something that we all share. Whether we have kids of our own or just borrow them for a while.

I found later in life that I have a passion for creating unique challenging puzzles that as we get older aid in keeping us young and stress free. Have you heard the term “Super Ager” This is a term that scientist call older adults that have kept their mental fitness well into their 80’s and beyond. I enjoy challenging my mind with puzzles and coloring. Which does 2 things, keeps your mind focused and wards of stress which can lead to unwanted illness.

I hope that you find my puzzle books fun, challenging and relaxing. It brings me great joy to bring my creations to new audiences who will appreciate them and solving them as much as I do!

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