The Case No One Foretold

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The Case No One Foretold

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  • Title: The Case No One Foretold
  • Author: L.G. Fabbo-Gonnella
  • Series: Mark Julian, Vampire P.I., book five
  • Genre: Mystery, Detective, Gay romance, Paranormal
  • Length: 157 pages
  • Publication Date: October 31, 2015
  • Publisher: Ai Press


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Two men engage in an altercation in a movie lobby. Later one of the men turns up dead in a New York City alley. But this is no ordinary murder. The deceased is a sex demon and his fellow combatant was the werewolf, Jean-Claude Roué, fiancé of Mark’s shape-shifter secretary. Now the werewolf is accused of his murder and faces a trial by before a supernatural tribunal. If Jean-Claude is convicted for causing this death it will mean his execution. This time however, Mark Julian is away on a personal investigation in Kenya so Tortego, the crafty vampire chief, goes to an unusual source to secure help. Using his powers as head of New York City’s supernatural community he appoints Mark’s human partner, Detective Vincent Pasquale, to be one of the three judges for Jean-Claude’s trial. Now Vinnie must not only fight to clear his friend, Jean-Claude, he must deal with his supernatural co-jurists: the werewolf Viola Lupa and the sex demon Dale Carter. Both of his companion judges are on record as sworn enemies of “any mixed supernatural mating.” Throw in a shifty shape shifter named Andelan Clarke, Ja-ne the original Oracle of Delphi and, a sexy TV newsman from the island of Guernsey who appears to be more interested in bedding Vinnie than nailing a story and it truly becomes “The Case No One Foretold!”


His late shift finished, a tired Vinnie had arrived at the home he shared with Mark. After a quick hot shower he suddenly realized he was not as bushed as he thought and was now contemplating snuggling up with the vampire he loved and hopefully having some hot sex too. His naked body slipped into their bed and eased himself against the Mark’s sleeping form. He loved the sensation of Mark’s leanly muscled frame up against his own more muscular torso. God I want to stay like this my whole life, he thought as the warmth of his lover’s body flowed into his own. Vinnie always felt safest at these moments. The horrors of his job would fade every time he held Mark. “I’m home with you,” he contentedly murmured. Tenderly he leaned forward and kissed Mark on the cheek. “You awake honey,” he asked as he pressed his body further into Mark’s.

“I am now,” the vampire rasped as he moved around to face Vinnie. Mark looked him through bleary eyes before snuggling closer. “Late shift huh? You must be exhausted.” He yawned then smiled as he pressed his crotch into Vinnie’s. “Ah, isn’t it rather dangerous to bring a loaded weapon into our bed.”

“Not necessarily,” Vinnie replied as he ground his hips towards Mark while giving him a suggestive leer. He leaned in to kiss Mark letting his tongue slip between the latter’s lips to explore. His actions soon had Mark sighing with pleasure. Vinnie stopped and pulled his head back. “Nice,” he muttered.

“Okay I’m official up…in both senses of that word,” Mark managed to teasingly reply before Vinnie moved forward to resume their kissing.

After another few minutes, Vinnie broke off their kissing to gaze at Mark. “You taste good,” Vinnie murmured as he felt his arousal urgently pressing against Mark’s stomach. “I think you are right about the dangers of a loaded weapon. Maybe we can safely discharge it,” He softly said as he reached back toward the drawer in the nightstand where they kept their condoms. “I think it may take us all night too.”

“Damn too bad I have to be up early to grab a plane to Africa,” Mark replied as he leaned in towards Vinnie and lightly kissed his cheek.

“You are going where?” Vinnie suddenly asked as he abruptly half sat up in their bed and gazed at Mark….

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About the Author

L.G. Fabbo-Gonnella

L.G.Fabbo-Gonnella is a resident of NYC. He has often said Manhattan is the underlying unspoken character in many of his books. “I guess its a love affair that I have with her,” he once said. “I could live here forever and yet still find magical things about her that I never knew existed.

When not seeking out interesting new locales for his books he can be found dinning with friends and enjoying all the city he adores has to offer.
Though he has not yet met the supernatural denizens of NYC, he does hope too one day. And yes, there is a “letter Lounge” albeit under a different name.

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