The Desert Fairies of Oylara

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  • Title: The Desert Fairies of Oylara
  • Author: Johnathan Fontenot
  • Genre: Children’s Science Fiction
  • Length: 32 pages
  • Publisher: Archway Publishing
  • Publication Date: February 16, 2017

The Desert Fairies of Oylara – Synopsis

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Oylara is a beautiful world made up of many different kinds of environments. It is abundant in natural resources and home to strange and wonderful plants and animals. Fairies protect the planet from harm. They are the guardians who work to keep the planet healthy and beautiful, and now, they are needed more than ever as a new threat arrives with ill intent.

One day, a massive ship lands in the Great Desert of Oylara. A destructive alien race known as the Pollutoids has arrived, and as soon as they disembark from their ship, they start digging in the desert. They even destroy a giant cactus—a favorite among the Desert Fairies in particular. Something must be done to stop them before it’s too late!

The Pollutoids want to take over Oylara and steal all its natural resources for themselves. Only the Desert Fairies—led by their leader, Queen Sara Cactusflower—stand in the way of their horrible plan. The Fairies must stop the machines before both their desert home and their planet are destroyed, but is it possible for mere Fairies to stop something so big and harmful?

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About the Author

Author Johnathan Fontenot

Johnathan Fontenot grew up with a love of reading and a desire to explore the world outside his small hometown of Ville Platte, Louisiana. His adventurous nature led to a career as a fighter pilot in the Air Force that took him all over the world. Now retired, he shares exciting stories that inspire children the same way he was inspired as a child. Johnathan currently lives in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Desert Fairies of Oylara is the first of a three book minimum series exploring the world of Oylara and the struggle against the invading Pollutoids. The second book, The Rainforest Fairies of Oylara, continues the action adventure tale against this crafty adversary from a different environment on the beautiful planet. The third book, The Arctic Fairies of Oylara, has the same nail-biting storyline that will make your pulse quicken. The books are centered around a fast paced action story with strong female lead characters and contain an environmental message for us all.

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