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  • Title: The Fantasy Maker
  • Author: Emily Kendricks
  • Genre: Suspense, Mystery, Thrillers, Romance
  • Length: 314 pages
  • Publisher: Sarah Book Publishing
  • Publication Date: April 11, 2015


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Emma loves her husband and is excited by his political rise to mayor of their small town, but behind closed doors, she’s a frustrated young wife and mother, driven beyond her limits by her husband’s indifference to her needs. When a friend introduces her to a high-priced ‘members only’ club where the wives of the rich and powerful secretly visit, Emma finds an erotic world of mani-pedi’s, full-body massages and tantalizing pleasures limited only by her own inhibitions. No fantasy is denied, but what follows not only threatens to expose the existence of ‘The Ranch’ and its prominent members, but destroy her marriage and the career of one of the most promising young politicians in the state.

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About the Author

Emily Kendricks

Emily Kendricks is a romantic crime fiction writer and a member of the AIA. She grew up in the once smoggy steel town of Pittsburgh, PA. Her young adult years brought books and movies filled with both crime and passion, and shortly after completing her education at Penn State, she married and moved to New York City. The background of the Big Apple fit her personality perfectly and soon she was putting her college studies in Law Enforcement to use on paper, writing short fiction and contemplating a novel.
Today, Emily channels her love of sexy crime novels into stories with strong female character development and compelling story lines. Emily is a widowed mother of two daughters and a granddaughter and lives with her ShihTzu, Lola.

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