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  • Title: The Future is Now: 23 Trends That Will Prove Key to Business
    and Life 2017
  • Author: Matt O’Neill
  • Genre: Sociology, Engineering & Technology, Politics & Philosophy
  • Length: 238 pages
  • Publication Date: February 24, 2017
  • Publisher: Futurist.Matt Publishing

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The Future is Now: 23 Trends That Will Prove Key to Business and Life 2017


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In 1440, the Gutenberg Press began a process of idea sharing on an unparalleled scale. Fast forward to the World Wide Web and knowledge sharing has moved from linear to exponential levels. Alongside is an explosion of technological innovation which continues to raise the standard of living for billions of people around the world. It’s not without its social, cultural and political consequences.

The Future is Now exists as a set of signposts to a world gripped by accelerated change. It analyses business, manufacturing, leadership, work, society, media, crime and technology – presenting insight into how these areas are not just inextricably linked by technological convergence, but also offer new opportunities for businesses and society as a whole. You will walk away with fresh perspectives and be ready to apply many of the concepts to create your better future. Included are links to 16 videos – which feature subject specialists and concepts related to the book.

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About the Author

Matt O'Neill

Matt has spent over 15 years developing marketing and communications businesses. They include an innovative events company, cutting edge video marketing products and a marketing communications agency.

Some of them worked, others didn’t! But those 15 years saw a relentless march of technology, and deep societal changes in its wake.

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