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  • Title: The Guide for Vegan Nutrition: Common Vegan Nutrition Questions and Concerns
  • Author: Chef Eitan Raz
  • Genre: nonfiction, health, wellbeing, medicine, nutrition
  • Publication Date: Aug 19, 2017


The Guide For Vegan Nutrition Cover
The Guide For Vegan Nutrition

Discover the truth behind vegan nutrition and your body and make effective choices every day with this accessible resource and guidebook for healthy vegan living.

Whether you became a vegan for ethical, environmental, or personal reasons – or even a mix of all three – finding reliable nutritional information about the vegan food can be tough.

How do you really know that the information you find online is accurate? How can you truly know that your diet is giving you all the macro nutrients it truly needs for a healthy, happy life?

In The Guide for Vegan Nutrition, you have found a comprehensive resource and reference book that gives you the latest, up-to-date information on vegan nutrition to date. Written by Israeli chef Eitan Raz, this is a volume packed with information from a fully-qualified vegan food expert.

Which nutrients you need to pay attention to – and how to get enough

While many vegans are familiar with the simple fact that a vegan diet can mean not having enough access to vital nutrients such as vitamin B12, calcium, iron, and zinc, finding vegan foods and supplements that can deliver these nutrients can be time-consuming. This book gives you the lowdown on what these nutrients are, and how to get enough of them.

Veganism and weight loss

If you’re a “skinny fat” vegan despite a body that has been built around plant-based nutrition, then you may not be getting enough plant-based protein or overindulging in tasty vegetable fats and sugary carbs. Chef Eitan shows vegans the way forward to a svelte body by eating the right foods – with the right nutrients.

Beginner Vegan Guidance

The Guide for Vegan Nutrition isn’t just written for long-time vegans; it is also a great companion for those starting out on their journey. Its comprehensive scope means that you can start eating a healthy, ethical, and environmentally-friendly diet the right way from your first day without picking up any bad food habits.

Myths, Half-Truths, and Rumors Debunked

Despite its increasing popularity, a vegan lifestyle remains a controversial one, and there are many myths surrounding it. Chef Eitan explores each of these common tropes and exposes the reality behind them – be informed and make the right choice for yourself and your body!

The Guide for Vegan Nutrition is the most comprehensive guidebook to veganism available today. Order your copy today for a powerful resource that you can refer to time and time again over the course of your vegan journey.

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