The Late Nite Notes Series

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The Late Nite Notes Series

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  • Title: The Late Nite Notes Series: vol 1 (Late Nite Note Series)
  • Authors: C.L Cunningham
  • Genre: Literary Humor, Diaries & Journals
  • Length: 55 pages
  • Publication Date: July 13, 2017


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A intriguing read about a strength, hope, wonder, and growth. A personal journey that turned into a blog. Author C.L Cunningham welcomes you to a view of the twist and turns of life.

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About the Author

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C L Cunningham is an author and blogger. She began writing at a very young age and always had a way with words. It wasn’t until her life had changed and lead her from teaching back into writing. With a website called Finding Kandee she is able to explore her personal blogging as well as writing for The Late Nite Note Series a personal blog. Her current book is sniplets from the blog and has begun vol 1 of the series. Her book By The Dawn’s Blue Light took an less personal approach to writing and brought out a strong flare for fiction. With her urban book series For The Love Bad Girl Vs Good Girl she was able to get in touch with her upbringing. She invites you to explore all of her titles.

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