The Saudi-Iranian War

American War Technology Stop Iranian Armed Forces

  • Title: The Saudi-Iranian War
  • Author: Ted Halstead
  • Genre: History, War
  • Length: 370 pages
  • Publication Date: February 13, 2019

The Saudi-Iranian War – Synopsis

Iran's Supreme Leader American Technology War

Iran’s Supreme Leader will use three nuclear weapons, VX and two armored forces driving on Riyadh to overthrow the Saudi monarchy. Can Russian agents, Saudi tanks and American technology stop Iran in time?

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About the Author

Author Ted Halstead

Ted Halstead served twenty-five years in the State Department as a Foreign Service Officer, most of it overseas, and was promoted to the Senior Foreign Service after his second tour at US Embassy Riyadh. His tours included four years at US Embassy Seoul, and two years at the East Asia Pacific Bureau in DC. He is a National War College graduate, and served for three years at a regional US military headquarters.

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