The Simpleton

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  • Title: The Simpleton
  • Author: Barbara Avon
  • Genre: Horror
  • Length: 188 pages
  • Publication Date: May 31, 2018

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The Simpleton – A Novel

The Simpleton – Synopsis

Loving Husband

The reporters made him out to be a hero. He was a doting husband, his life tragically changed. He was Head of Sales at Tribeck Advertising – “Where Your Business is Our Business.” He was a loving husband, son, friend and business associate. He was well known in the city amongst his peers. He handled the grill like an Aussie in the Outback and the entire neighbourhood was invited to feast on weekends. He was Jonathan Peters – until the day he traded in his three hundred dollar suit for gardener’s shears.

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Barbara Avon is the author of eight novels. A romantic/suspense trilogy, a two part romance/time travel story, a stand-alone time travel/suspense romance and a two part thriller/romance. She is also the author of three children’s books. In 2017, Avon won second place in FACES Magazine “Best of Ottawa” awards in the female author category. In 2018, she was once again nominated and won in her category. Her books have been received favorably across the board, entertaining readers with an almost “movie-like” quality. Barbara has written since she was young, pursuing her dreams and vowing to write for as long as she can. She has worked at several different media publications and will continue to publish novels until “her pen runs dry”. She believes in paying it forward and you can read about this belief as the theme is given voice in most of her books. Avon lives in Ontario, Canada with her husband, Danny.

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5.0 Rating From 4 Reviews.
on 07, Jun 2018
It took me a little longer to finish reading this book than other books written by Barbara Avon. But I LOVED it as much if not more than her other books because I love anything that's horror based.....I give this book 10 thumbs up.....keep them coming I can't wait for the next one....💙💙💙
on 04, Jun 2018
Love the format and graphics on this website.
on 04, Jun 2018
Nice book trailer!
on 05, Jun 2018
I just finished this on Amazon Kindle and I really enjoyed this suspenseful and true Love story. The author shows us to never give up, She affirms that Love works in mysterious ways and that it never dies. I really wasn't expecting this ending. So to find out more about The Simpleton you need to read it! An incredible story.

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