The White Trash Chronicles

White Trash Book Kindle A True Story

  • Title: The White Trash Chronicles
  • Author: Raven Delehanty
  • Genre: Parenting, Relationships, Historical
  • Length: 176 pages
  • Publication Date: August 13, 2018

The White Trash Chronicles – Synopsis

A True Story Head Of The Family

From beneath the table a young girl listens to the women of her family as they tell the tales of their history, Seep in secret. Jim New head of the family dirt poor farmer, and moonshiner extraordinaire. Struggling to raise his family up from the white trash beginnings. Can one young girl learn how to avoid the hardships she was born into, and find love as strong as that That held her family together throughout time. A true story woven in tail.

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About the Author

Author Raven Delehanty

I have searched my whole life for my groove.I finally found it in my writing. I love the paranormal world. As an animal lover, it was only natural that I would be attracted to the shifter world. I raise wolves and children and love every minute of it. I believe in having fun and living life to it’s fullest. I was most inspired by Christina Feehan, Lora Leight, and Andre Norton. I have found that there is a whole world in books and I love being a part of it. When my children were little after they went to bed I would read and for a little, while i was living in a world with no boundaries. I hope one day someone will feel that way about my books.

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