There Be Demons

Silver, Fantasy, Horror, Occult, Science Fiction

There Be Demons

There Be Demons

  • Title: There Be Demons (Andor Demon Wars Book 1)
  • Authors: M. K. Theodoratus
  • Genre: Occult, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror
  • Length: 295 pages
  • Publication Date: October 14, 2018

There Be Demons – Synopsis

There Be Demons

Before she was drafted to fight demons, Britt Kelly didn’t know they existed, let alone have time to fight them.

When Britt first moved to the St. Edmund’s projects after her parent’s divorce, she just wanted to get good enough grades to escape. Little did she know that hordes of evil demons had set up a secret base in Trebridge to use as a breeding ground for a larger demon invasion. The spunky 14-year-old heroine and several of her teenage friends are drafted to become demon hunters, working with an indomitable squad of Gargoyle guardians to develop the magical powers capable of thwarting the demons’ evil plans.

In an action-packed series of events, the demon fighters battle both the enemy… and their everyday struggles as normal teenagers – lack of attention to detail, problems with authority, and the occasional teenage crush.

There Be Demons is an engrossing YA fantasy novel of good vs evil lacking the typical clichés. If you enjoy reading books that feature realistic magic and strong teenage heroes, you will love this epic urban fantasy tale, which is packed full of incredible plot twists, powerful magic and evil treachery. Page Up to order now.

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About the Author

Author M.K. Theodoratus

M. K. Theodoratus is one of those weird people who has played with fantasy as long as she can remember. She started with a pretend friend when she was three, playing acted elaborate fantasies even after she learned not to talk about them. When older, she read loads of Silver Age comic books and discovered Oz, A. L. Merritt, Andre Norton, and Fritz Leiber. Now, she writes stories as well as reading them.

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