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Treasures in Heaven

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  • Title: Treasures in Heaven
  • Author: Anne A Odion
  • Genre: Inspirational, Religion, Spirituality
  • Length: 82 pages
  • Publication Date: September 12, 2015

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Does your relationship with God feel stagnant? Have you stopped growing spiritually? Do you believe heaven actually exists or that God still speaks to people?

In the year 2000, the Lord came to Anne Odion in a dream and showed her a vision of heaven that took her breath away… and left her confused. She eventually realized God had a message for believers and had chosen her to share it: heaven is real—wonderfully, gloriously real!

But being in heaven is about more than simply believing in Jesus; to truly experience that future joy, you must store up your divine treasures by investing in God’s kingdom today and throughout your life.

Grounded in scripture and infused with fresh spiritual insights, Treasures in Heaven empowers you to live faithfully on Earth by helping you identify how to use your strengths and gifts to glorify God—enriching your future heavenly home as you renovate your relationship with the endlessly imaginative and ever-loving creator.

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About The Author

Anne Odion is a mother, physiotherapist, and songwriter living in Melbourne, Australia. She served as physiotherapist to the Nigerian Team in the 1998 Africa Women Cup of Nations in Nigeria, the 1999 FIFA Female World Cup in the United States, and the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

While she loves her career, Odion is even more passionate about sharing the message of God’s existence and God’s desire to have a close relationship with all people.

Inspired by her spiritual dreams and visions, she wrote and produced her first gospel song, “Have Mercy Oh Lord,” in 2014 through Visions of Songs.

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